Friday, September 23, 2011

Visiting the Homestead

I went home last weekend. It was a lazy weekend with not much going on, but that's what I like.

I made a smoothie for the boys and me. Yum. If I make another smoothie, I'm not putting raspberries in it. They were too overpowering, but the boys thought it was pretty cool.

It's funny how quickly little babies grow. This man is such a little chunk. He is growing so quickly, learning all sorts of little tricks. Mom got him this play mat thing and he seemed to like it pretty well, despite this picture! He even grabs up for some of the hanging toys.

Sooo tired.

And Evan DROOLS like crazy! It makes him smell, too! Not his cutest asset ever!

During the hurricane a few weeks back, one of the big trees in our neighbors yard fell over. Thankfully it did not fall on their house, it fell in the opposite direction into our yard! The cleaned it up and chopped the tree up. When they were done, they let the boys take any of the wood they wanted for our fire pit. So nice of them!

Little boys like stuff like that. Ohhh the excitement.

Get your game face on. Moving tree limbs is serious business.

Gray came out to help. And to show off just a tad.

So naturally Harrison had to step it up. It's awesome how he emulates Gray and tries to be just like him.

Sooo cute.

And Suzanne and I finished painting our room gray. It looks nice--better than before, but that's not really saying much!

I'm going home in a few hours. Glad that I live close enough to go home basically whenever I have a free weekend! Problem is, I won't have another free weekend for a long time!

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