Sunday, December 27, 2015

Our First Christmas

This year was our first Christmas together. Getting married does complicate the holidays just a little bit, and we sure were pretty busy from November through January just getting together with family on both sides and endless family get-togethers, dinners, outings, etc. But we decided to spend the few days around Christmas up in Philadelphia with the Pham side of the family. 

We started out Christmas Eve morning in our own little home, and Nathan made us breakfast. I crocheted our stockings and set the tree up the night before, so Santa would come that night with Nathan's big gift. We had a nice Christmas morning, shared gifts with each other, and then packed up to hit the road. 

Our cute little tree

 Handsome husband making pancakes

 Nathan really loves Christmas. And I get called a scrooge (although I don't think I'm that bad). 

 Emily opening a few gifts 

 Nathan really, really wanted a huge lego set for Christmas. He made a point to go down the lego isle at target every  time we were there. And I don't think he actually expected me to buy it, so I think he was pleasantly surprised. His Millennium Falcon now sits proudly on his night-stand. 

 And we all packed up, threw Rohan in the car, and off we were. He's a pretty good travel dog, though--he loves the car. 

We got to Philly and enjoyed some down-time with the family, just being all together is always nice. It was fun to see another family's traditions besides the ones I grew up with year to year. Like for starters, not doing Christmas Eve dinner and just grabbing some Philly Cheesesteaks: 

 Yeah, that was a great idea. Although I got some serious crap for ruining my cheesesteak with mustard. 

Christmas Eve we spent making some Christmas cookies with the kids. Nathan's brother Josh is a chef, but surprisingly had almost no baking things in the house. So we made do with what we had, but let's just say the cookies were nearly all thrown away the next day. But hey, the kids had fun rolling out all of those candy cane shapes.

Mom still wanted to continue our family tradition of Christmas Eve pajamas, even though we weren't going to be there, so she wrapped them up and sent them with us. It was really nice still having that tradition, and it's one I want to continue when we have kids. It was a new one for Nathan.

Man I love him

Christmas Day we went to Aunt Nga's house and got together with all of the extended family. Nathan's Dad is one of 8 siblings, so get togethers and big and fun, with lots of cousins and kids. Unfortunately, I'm still trying to get everyone's names down and remember who is who, but that could take a while for me. Josh and Mya were picking up a few things and preparing Christmas dinner, so we got the kids dressed and piled them in the car. 

And seriously, doesn't Nathan just look so ready to be a Dad? Those three nieces and nephews in the back seat really do love hanging out with him. 

Being part of an Asian family is seriously so delicious--so much food and it's usually new to me. Love that part. 

After meeting up at Aunt Nga's, we went back to Josh's place and hung around until Christmas dinner. I ended up zonked out on the couch for an hour or so. Josh cooked some seriously delicious food--I definitely ate more than I should have and went to bed very full that night. But it was so, so good. And even better, we had leftovers that he sent us home with for the next two days.

And that's a wrap--Christmas 2015 was a great one.

Monday, December 21, 2015

Temple Lights and Global Food

This weekend I was taking Kavya up to Dulles airport to fly home to Canada for Christmas break. While I was already up north, I figured it would be perfect for Nathan and I to go to see the Christmas lights at the temple. I told him early in the week about the potential plan, but Nathan also had to work on Saturday. Unfortunately this time of year is crazy busy for him at work.

Fast forward to Saturday morning, when an early morning phone call woke both of us up for the day. Nate got up and ready and headed out pretty early, and said he'd try and make it home in time to ride up with me at two. You know when you can tell someone really doesn't want to do something but they will anyway? Yeah, that was Nathan. He was already so tired, but just because he knew I wanted to go out with him, he came home in time to go with me, and even drove through the nasty traffic for us. So off we went, him yawning the whole drive. We dropped Kavya off, and then headed over to the temple.

Nathan hadn't ever been to the temple at Christmas time, and he really loves Christmas. He constantly tries to convince me of the thousands of lights that will be hung at our house one day, so I thought he would like all the lights and everything. Anyways, we went, enjoyed the nativities from around the world, and shivered in the cold long enough to snap a few pictures. But that was just part one of our little date.

Part two: Global Market. It is so much bigger than the little Asian market Nate took me to the first time. This one is like the size of a Food Lion, and has about a million and one things that I have no idea of even how to pronounce. But for some reason I really enjoy looking at everything--especially the fruits and veggies. Nate kind of just rushes through. In this aspect, I'm a little like my dad in that regard--I could go up and down every isle and ask questions about every ingredient. But hey, Nathan thought Chinese broccoli was the same thing as Bok choy, so I guess my questions wouldn't do me much good with him :). He ended up getting a few random things--some catfish to cook while I'm gone for the next few days at work, and some pork meat things. But I honestly wouldn't know what to do with the majority of that stuff. Maybe one day I'll learn, but for now, the Asian cooking is left up to Nathan. 

And then we went out to dinner and called it a night. Even though he was tired and pretty much went home and passed out, I'm glad he put on a nice smile and enjoyed the evening with me anyway. I love that guy. Now just wait until Christmas Eve until I see him again!

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Brain Fart

So last week or so mom texted me randomly and asked:

"Hey what's Nathan's birthday?"

...which is when I was thrown aback for a minute. Wait, could I really not remember my husband's birthday? I was with him that whole day... I was pretty sure it was August 3rd, but I wouldn't have bet my life on it. So I safely replied: "In August."

To which mom says: "Date? I knew that."

I quickly hopped onto my Facebook, remembering that I had posted a picture on Nathan's birthday, so I looked at the date I uploaded it. Yep, I was right. It was the third. "August 3rd lol. I had to double check. (insert crying-laughing face emoticons)"

So a few days later I was talking to Nathan and told him this little story, laughing at myself and my spacey brain. He laughed, but didn't say too much, so I asked him, "Wait. Babe, do you remember my birthday?"

"Yeah. It's in August."

"Yeah but what day?"

"The twelfth?" (I shake my head no) "The thirteenth?" (Still no) "I honestly can't remember."

"It's the sixteenth babe."

So we both laughed at ourselves. Honestly I'll probably remember his birthday from now on because of this little story, but thankfully, for Nathan's sake, he's got his electronic calendar and reminder.

Our little crazy relationship just makes me laugh.