Friday, September 30, 2011

Crew Team Breakfasts

After practice each morning the Crew Team heads over to Shafer Dining Court for breakfast. It's pretty empty around 8am, so we just shove a bunch of tables together and everyone sits in a giant mass. Most people who do not have 8am or 9am classes come to breakfast and just pig out. Shafer breakfast is actually pretty good. They always have scrambled eggs, sausage, tater tots or potatoes or something, an omelet station, fruits, yogurt, cereal, waffle station, bagels, toasts, doughnuts, breads, etc... It's definitely not all good for you, but most of it does taste pretty good.

There are a few people on the team who order an omelet every day. The omelets are HUGE. The omelet lady sees them walk in and begins cooking their omelet. She has their order memorized, and when it's done, she just calls over to our table. Too funny! Also, there is one guy who every single morning has 2 full glasses of orange juice, 2 full glasses of milk, and 1 glass of water. It's actually pretty disgusting.

I don't go to breakfast every day, but a few times a week I do. It's fun getting to know the team and become more involved with the Crew Group!

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