Wednesday, September 7, 2011


A week or so before school started, I decided to chop off a great deal of my hair. Suzanne and Rachel were all in favor for a drastic hair cut, because they were so tired of my long hair. I have a tendency to shed hair all the time, and so there were long strands of hair all over the house. Whenever we vacuumed our room, the belt would get clogged with all my hair. The shower drain was pretty nasty, too. Regardless, it's gone now (but I still shed all the time).

Before I cut it--the longest layers almost grazed the top of my pants.

My hair was so uneven because I hadn't cut it in forever, so the front was shorter.

I donated my hair to locks of love, and this is the braid Colleen cut off.

After the braid was chopped off... I had no idea that it was that short!

Getting a fresh cut, haha.

Helping sweep up some loose hair after I was completely finished! It took almost an hour and a half from start to finish!

Colleen from church cut my hair for me, and she is clearly awesome! I hadn't cut my hair for almost a year, so she had a lot to work with and fix! I'm so glad I cut it, and I love how it looks! But naturally, I'll let it grow out for a while before I cut it again!

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