Wednesday, August 17, 2011

VCU Day 2

Today was a pretty good and fun day. We started out with a lecture about Biomedical Engineering and different types of research you can do in the field, and just some basic tips about Undergrad Research. It was slightly boring, but not too bad. Afterwards, we broke off to eat some lunch pretty quickly (I just ate ham and cheese in my room because I'm pretty cheap and the dining hall isn't open yet :).

Next we were able to tour the life sciences building which was pretty interesting. Different professors showed us their labs and the different types of research they were about to do. Some were extremely interesting, like one where we could actually see (under a microscope) a frog embryo developing and the cells dividing and a frog laying eggs. Other labs included information about population genetics, and the professor goes on trips to foreign countries to collect various specimens, and the undergrads can go into various surrounding areas and labs to do research. One professor was using mice to study asthma, which was pretty neat. Interesting things like that!

After the tour, we went to get our bus passes for the city bus we get to use. Maybe one day I will, ha. We then walked to Belle Isle which Google Maps says is 2.2 miles away on foot. It was hot! Belle Isle used to be an old prisoner of war camp back in the Civil War, but in the 1970s it was turned into a park right along the James River, and everyone uses it for summer fun, festivals, etc. We waded in there and enjoyed the cooler water.

Pretty view of the river and some of Richmond

Kristina, Sabrina, Me, and Michaela--friends from the research program

FRI Group Photo (we were missing two girls--oops!)

After we walked back to campus, a few of us went to Chipotle for dinner... the leftovers are in my fridge for tomorrow of the next night! I love that place, and it is conveniently located right across from my dorm!

cell phone picture

After dinner we watched White Chicks with over half of us, and then decided to hook up someone's Wii to the giant TV. We played Mario Kart, and then Super Smash Bros. Very fun!

Wii Hookup

Game faces and someone eating Ramen already! :)

Group shot

One of the girls in the group mentioned it was my birthday today, and then everyone sang Happy Birthday, haha. Then we decided to head over to Coldstone Creamery and get a cake. Everyone bought us a cookies and cream cake that said, "Happy Birthday Megan". Two guys ran across the street and grabbed some candles. We got back to the dorm, went up the elevator, and were ready to eat cake when the fire alarm went off for a drill. Haha. We were in the middle of disassembling the Wii and also preparing for cake, so we go to Monroe Park with the Wii cords and system, and a Coldstone cake. We finally got back, everyone sang happy birthday, we ate cake, and then talked until 1:30. It was a fun night and still managed to celebrate the birthday a little!

Walking back from Coldstone there were three police cars pulling up to the building right outside our dorm. I texted this picture to Mom, haha.

Cyrus and Adam putting in 18 candles

The cookies and cream ice cream cake :)

Kristina cut the cake!

Layers of the cake, and leftovers!
Thanks everyone!

Monday, August 15, 2011

I'm Movin' Out.

I moved out this morning from my beloved bedroom that I have shared with Suzanne for years into a dorm room all by myself. Please enjoy this tour:

My bed: If college is anything like high school was for me, I will spend a lot of time in this bed; however, I won't be sleeping, I will be reading/working/surfing the internet/studying/procrastinating/etc... Zee and Sanjay gave the bedding to me for graduation, and I love it! Love them!

Here lies a super comfortable mushroom chair that my friend Katelyn got for me :) She is the best! It fits in my room perfectly!

My desk: cup of pens and pencils, cute little tile, Savior, the family, alarm clock, cell, and post it note of everything I forgot so far (hamper, most importantly!).

To the left of my desk I have my school supplies in that green bag (binders, paper, and folders), a trash bin, laptop case, and a floor lamp.

Closet: Clothes and shoes with some extra sheets and my iron and camera!

Some decorations

Ah, my food. PB&J, oatmeal, trail mix, crackers :)

Fridge, Microwave, and Printer set up! Thanks Dad!

Under the Bed: My suitcase for going home :) and my water bottles

Church basket: Scriptures, personal progress I quickly need to finish, journal, etc...

I'm pretty lucky, because not only do I have my OWN dorm, I have my own bathroom too. Welcome (virtually, of course):

My sink: The mirror is a big medicine cabinet, so I put junk in there I use often. My Aunt had the awesome idea to get the 3 drawer cart for makeup/hair junk/toiletries and it fits right under the sink perfectly! Great idea! There is also a bucket of cleaning junk under there, and since I forgot a hamper, that little tiny thing is holding my dirty clothes right now. It will be overflowing by tomorrow, ha.

Mirror/Medicine Cabinet

My very own shower :) I have NEVER had this, being one of nine!

Purple towels

Old hospital toilet :)

The view of the bathroom from right outside the door.

It's exciting, but I am going home over Labor Day Weekend :)
Way excited for that!