Monday, September 19, 2011


Out of nine kids, only two of us so far have ever needed stitches. The first one was Rachel a few years ago--she sliced her finger with a knife trying to open a toy. I think it was her thumb. Anyways, two weeks ago we had six cousins here and all of us Kemmey kids. Five boys were in the kitchen cleaning and getting lunch. Ryan was cleaning and ran to get a trashbag, which are in the laundry room. As he ran to get it, Tanner was coming in the door, and the doorknob hit Ryan's eyebrow just perfectly, and cut it. Mom and Dad were downstairs, and I was in the kitchen. It really wasn't a big deal at all. The cut wasn't bad, just slightly deep. However, because it was bleeding a little, the little boys freaked out and made Ryan freak out. The boys ran downstairs yelling, so Mom was freaked out too. No big deal, however, and Ryan was fine after the chaos stopped. His biggest concern was that the ice was too cold!

Car ride over to the ER.

Before any stitches, and after it was cleaned off.

Not a big deal after all!!

Ryan was supposed to be going up to the pool, but instead he got 2-4 stitches!

And for laugh's sake: Evan really loves dark chocolate. With eight older siblings, he gets food shoved at him pretty early in his life! He was sucking on the chocolate, and got so mad when we took it away!

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