Saturday, April 17, 2010

Big Brother, Little Sister

For the most part, I love having an older brother. He gets to try (almost) everything first. We are a lot alike, and so we end up doing a lot of the same things. Take school, for instance. I always followed in Gray's shadows. I used to hate it. All my teacher's came to know me as "gray's sister". Expectations were already set for me based on him. But as I thought about it today, I really realized how much it rocks having Gray as an older brother. He is smart, talented, humorous, nasty, great, boyish, stupid, and way knowledgeable about almost anything.

One experience Gray got to try before me was college applications, and I am not bummed at all. He was the first one, so things didn't go quite as planned. We all imagined Gray getting lots of money for scholarships and going to a great school away from home. He got lots of money, but not enough since we (the kids) have to pay for college ourselves, and he was accepted everywhere he applied (except for Stanford). So the plan for him is to attend Mary Washington and live at home for a year, then go on a mission for the LDS Church for two years, and then transfer .

But now I am freaked about this whole college thing. I need money for college--major scholarships. Some full rides would be really nice and greatly appreciated. I am probably more worried about college than any other junior in my school. I need to really do almost anything I can this summer. I applied for a summer program at VCU, but unfortunately was denied. It would have looked great on college applications, but instead I am going to apply for a two week mentorship and a Chesapeake Bay Trip. That will look good, too.

Gray's college experience has made me nervous. And grateful. Grateful that I was not the first Kemmey kid to apply for colleges, and that I have a lot more insight about it now just from watching Gray.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Usual

I share a room with my sister Suzanne who is younger than I am. I procrastinate a lot, and so sometimes nights used to end with me using a really bright lamp to finish reading, writing, etc--especially last year. Suzanne would get so angry and complain the light was too brigth, and she needed to get to sleep. However, this year, I figured it out! The little boys all got camping flashlights and headbands for them for Christmas. Turns out, they can also be used for completing homework! Now, I can work hands-free (I also often used an i-Pod or cell phone light) and focus! Plus, it is a great fashion statement.

Cute, eh?

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Nine is so Fine

Currently there are eight kids in my family, and I am the second oldest. However, the family still seems so incomplete, and like we need just one more baby. Nine would be oh so fine. So we have almost all of the kids rallied together for a little baby (Rachel is undecided, but I think with some gentle persuasion, she'll conform). And I KNOW mom and dad want another baby. Today at church Dad was stealing babies and holding them, and so was mom. Mom was caught saying she had NINE healthy babies, when she really only has eight.

Personally, I would love love love another sibling. ALL of us would! Maybe if we bug the parental units long enough, we will see some results :)

Monday, April 5, 2010

Home Body.

I am on vacation. Now that I am, I am wishing I was home. My own food. My own bed. My own house. My own close, loving family. Where I can basically do what I enjoy doing.

Sunday, April 4, 2010


If you remember from this post, I almost lost all of my pictures. However, thanks to my dad's genius brain and awesome computer skills, he was able to save all of my pictures last night. Thank goodness. Amongst the photos were pictures of a baptism in our ward. Two youth were baptized, and it was a really huge event. I was the only one with a real camera taking pictures. If I had lost those, I would have been so upset, and the family would have been too. Thanks Dad for saving them!

That was close.