Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Random Happenings around these Parts.

A group of us went the gym. Sidrah and me :)

Back in August all of us in the FRI group went to the MCV campus and had a tour of the medical campus and various buildings. There is an Egyptian building over there that is really neat. The people giving the tour were med school students, so it was really neat hearing about their own undergraduate experiences and how they got to medical school, and some of their advice. It was probably one of my favorite parts of the program.

Professional Group shot while we were at the MCV campus.

Sitting around in my room is a pretty common occurrence. It's cozy.

A bunch of us went to "First Ram Friday" and got free Famous Dave's. I think many college students will do anything for free stuff.

Me and Sidrah

This is at the SOVO fair. It is basically a big fair for students to learn about all of the student organizations on campus and also tons of volunteer opportunities around Richmond. The fair was so crowded, but I did win a free iPod shuffle!

Started up the studying again. It fills up most of my nights, mostly because there is often nothing else to do.

Riding the bus...

We went over to Hollywood Cemetery and walked around. There are two presidents buried here, and a whole bunch of other famous, historical individuals and families. The grave above is President John Tyler.

Jefferson Davis' burial site.

A view of the River from the cemetery.

I often end my day with homework and reading. Seems appropriate to end this post in a similar fashion :)

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