Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Big Day Today!

Today is quite an eventful day for the family (still pretty bland down here, but exciting!). First off, my cousin Jacob left THIS morning at around 5am for the MTC in Utah! He was called to serve for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in the Baguio, Phillipines mission. He is learning the language while at the MTC, too. He will be gone for two years, but I know he will touch so many lives and do great things with the gospel over this period of time!

Gray, Grandma, and Jacob back in July

Next up: today is Harrison's 12th birthday! In our church, the 8th and 12th birthdays are pretty big birthdays. When we are eight, we are baptized, and at the age of twelve, boys receive the Aaronic Priesthood. Harrison skipped school today to spend the day with Mom. They went out to lunch at Olive Garden, and they are having cake and presents tonight.

Alfredo Pasta!! Yum! So jealous because that is one of my favorites!

AND pumpkin cheesecake! It looks so good!

Harrison is now out of the "little kid" group he has been in for so long. He has earned his ranks as one of the older kids, as he has more and more responsibility and is growing into quite the young man.

Harrison likes adventures and outdoors most of the time. He was all for collecting wood for our fire place, and stepped up his game as Gray came out to haul wood as well. He is a pretty hard worker when he wants to be and when he is not distracted by the other boys!

He started middle school this year, and he is really enjoying his time there this year from what I have heard. He is learning to play the clarinet in band class, and he is excelling in all areas like usual! Smart just like the rest of us!

Harrison is really good with little kids. He helps out all of the time with Evan, making bottles, changing diapers, getting clothes, etc... He loves hanging with little boys like Kyan and Andrew, and teaches them all sorts of tricks.

He is a great big brother to so many little guys. His four younger brothers really do look up to him and often make decisions based on what he does. While Harrison emulates Gray in many things, the other boys emulate Harrison. It sets pressure on him to be an example, and he does pretty well most of the time!

Happy Birthday, Harrison! Hope you are having an awesome day, and I'm jealous I can't be back home to celebrate and enjoy some cake! Love ya!


Mom/Carrie said...

What a wonderful post and tribute to your younger brother!

Anonymous said...

Do I know you guys