Thursday, June 24, 2010

A's Pay

Education has always been something my parents have really pushed in all of our lives. They expect the best out of us. My dad is crazy smart, and his good genes and parenting have affected all of his kids. All of us usually get straight A's on our report cards. My mom recently discovered that for every A you get on a report card, Krispy Kreme doughnuts gives you a free doughnut. Yum. Of course, we had to go.

All of us kids got our doughnuts, totaling 26 free doughnuts for 5 kids (The maximum is 6 doughnuts per kid, and you only get them for your Math, English, History, and Science classes). Ryan had a good time, even though he didn't have a report card.

Rachel and Ryan chowing down.

My doughnuts. I only got four, because I only have four core classes (but I did get all A's)!

Kiddos (minus Gray and Harrison) with our doughnuts.

What a delicious start to the summer!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


My Aunt Rose came from Colorado for his graduation. The one he didn't even attend.

Mom, Gray, and Rose.

This is late. Better late than never.

Gray was a senior this year. He graduated with distinguished honors and a 4.3 GPA. Pretty radical. He was definitely in the top of his class. However, he had absolutely no desire to march at graduation.

So he didn't. He didn't want any part of the 3 hour rehearsal, or the hot, sweaty gym where graduation is held, or the crowds of people trying to take pictures, or the lame graduation speeches. So he did not go.

It angered a few family members, and lots of people questioned his decision. But in the end, my mom didn't care, so long as he borrowed his best friends cap and gown to take a picture.

Monday, June 21, 2010


In a few hours, I am leaving for Girl's Camp, an annual camp for 12-18 year old girls that is a part of the Young Women's Program of my church. It is awesome. One of the best weeks of the summer I have.

This year I am going to be a 4th year Youth Camp Leader. I am pretty excited. I get to go on the 4th year adventure activity, which is a separate camp and hiking trip (and tubing!). Then on Wednesday we are meeting up with all of the other girls at camp and finishing there.

So I will be taking a leave of absence :) But no worries, there are a few scheduled posts to enjoy that I figured I could catch up on. I am off to enjoy nasty bathrooms, gross cabins, sweat, stink, bugs, and so much FUN!! It is seriously a good thing I LOVE camping.

Basically Tradition

A couple years ago, I stayed home from school on the last day and randomly decided to attack all my siblings with water balloons as they walked home from school. Ever since, I do it every year. Surprisingly, they didn't even see it coming this year. They were soaked. The teams ended up being Me, Suzanne, Ryan, and Sabrina (Suzanne's friend) against Gray, Derek (Gray's friend), Harrison, Tanner, and Bryce. Rachel didn't play. What a wimp.

The family (plus two others) after the water fight.

Ryan "helped" me fill all of the balloons while the kids were at school.

100 water balloons--ready to be thrown!

Needless to say, we are all so glad it is summer here. No more school....for 2 months.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Suzanne's Formal

On the last day of school (a week ago), Suzanne finished up with middle school, and is headed to high school (and governor's school!) in the fall! To celebrate the end of the year and have a good memory, her middle school puts on an eighth grade formal dance. Of course, she went and had a GREAT time!

Suzanne all dressed up

Suzanne and her good friend, Kayla!

Suzanne's group of friends!

All the boys in the group

All the girls.

Some boy gave her a flower...

...this boy. He has some curly hair!

And everyone in the group rode this fancy trolley to the middle school for the dance! What a great memory.

Monday, June 14, 2010

How to Do Laundry 101

Step 1: Wait until your laundry is all over your house and the hampers are overflowing. By the time you collect it all from around the house, it should cover almost your entire kitchen floor.

Step 2: Separate the huge laundry mess into piles. They shouldn't be small, rather they should be overflowing and consume your kitchen space. You need to wait until you have no clean towels left, and the pile of towels turns out like this.

Step 3: Choose a color to put in the wash machine first. However, you will have to do multiple loads of one specific color, or else you will ruin your wash machine.

Step 4: Keep all your laundry nice and neat in the kitchen. Work on it until it is all washed, dried, folded, and put away! However, if you are really good, you will want to run out of fabric softener. That way, the laundry can sit for another whole day (at least) in the kitchen before you can finish.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Poor Dad

My Dad is earning his Master's degree thr0ugh the Naval Post Graduate School. It is a lot of work and consumes a lot of his time. For example, last night he was working with his group to finish a major project that was due today. Turns out he never went to sleep. After he finished the project, he had to present it. He had about an hour and a half from the time he finished until the time he had to present, and so he wanted some sleep. My dad is an extremely hard sleeper normally, so imagine how hard he would be sleeping when he's extremely sleep deprived. He decided to sleep in his office chair a little bit instead of his bed so he could make sure he would be up and awake to present. Poor dad. Now he is sleeping, and probably will be until tomorrow morning.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Tonight everyone was outside talking to one of our neighbors. As we all piled back into the house, Suzanne managed to slip on the stairs and bang up her leg. It wasn't anything dramatic or crazy, just a simple fall. However, she managed to get a nice little cut from it. It might not look very deep, but it was. I promise you. What a trooper. She didn't even cry at all. Even when Dad was poking her like she was some kind of science experiment.

Beautiful, huh?

Ryan checking out the situation, asking Suzanne if Dad was tickling her.

Dad poking around making sure there was nothing stuck in her like a rock. It barely bled at all, so he wanted to make sure.


But hey, it'll be better before she's married.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


I have been so anticipating tomorrow for a long time. Tomorrow is my LAST day of junior year. The only thing that could make tomorrow better is if it were the last day of my senior year. I am so ready for summer.