Tuesday, September 21, 2010


I walked into the bathroom at school today only to find lingering smells of some girl's smoking time. Gross. It smelt disgusting.
Really, do you have to smoke at school?

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Everyone is Having One

Everyone is having one of these:

Except my mom. I'd really appreciate it if the good old stork would just drop one off already. Anytime is fine. Ok? Thanks.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

How do you know school started?

It's pretty easy. Let me show you.

I study in the kitchen.

Textbooks are the only thing I read.

My backpack goes with me everywhere and my agenda is my new best friend.

I take so many notes my hands fall off.

I look like this everyday at about 3 pm, because I like to be comfy doing homework.

My room looks like this, because I have little time to clean it.

Ah, reading materials.

My sister Suzanne falls asleep every single day after school.

This year better go by fast.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Ocean City: Day 3

The night before, we were up until 5 am playing cards and talking, and so we decided to just stay up for another hour, and then go out and take pictures on the beach and watch the sunrise. We went out at about 6, and took pictures for an hour. After we were done, we came back to the hotel, and we crashed until almost noon. We woke up, had some sandwiches, and then Katelyn and I headed down to the beach for two hours. Fun :)

By the time we got back from the beach and we got all showered off and cleaned up, it was time for some dinner :). We went to Phillips Seafood Buffet, which was both so much fun and delicious. I don't really like seafood, but the non seafood foods they had were good! I had salad, pasta, chicken, ribs, macaroni, etc. YUM. Then, Katelyn got King Crab Legs, so I helped her pick the meat out. I love picking crabs and lobsters. Dinner was fun, and the inside and outside of Phillips were so cool :) For desert, we stopped at Dumser's Ice Cream again, and Ms. Buraker got some Thrasher's French Fries! We met the third little creeper at Dumer's. I ordered Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream, but the gave my coconut chocolate chip, so I went in and traded ice creams. While I was waiting, there was a little boy who turned around and said, "You are so pretty. Mom isn't she so pretty." Bahaha. I was laughing so hard.

Then, as we were driving we saw that the Sunsations stores were having a midnight sale, so we decided to go. I got a little scarf and a beach coverup, and Katelyn got a scarf and an ocean city sweatshirt. Cute. We had fun wasting time and trying on little things.

We went to bed and slept very well that night. :)

Ocean City: Day 2

The first thing we did when we woke up Tuesday morning was hit the beach! We were so ready to get going. The week before we left, Katelyn ripped her ENTIRE big toenail off, and so we had to take lots of precautions for her foot, which included wrapping it in plastic wrap and duct tape. Fun. Some little girl on the beach said, "Eww mom, look at her toe". Bahaha. We laid around on the beach for almost 2 hours, laying in the sun and getting in the water a little bit. The sand felt so good and refreshing, and the water was a little cold at first, but also felt SO good. I love, love, love the beach!

Once we all got hungry, we decided to come home and make some lunch. We cooked up some macaroni and cheese and hot dogs, with some grapes. Lunch was delicious, as Katelyn and I have mastered the art of macaroni cooking. Yummy.

After we ate lunch, we went out and shopped in all the little shops in Ocean City. There a a billion Sunsations, no lie. Everywhere you look, there is a Sunsations store trying to take your money. Also, Katelyn and I saw this little Fashion Outlet sign, so we decided to go in and look. It was such a little po dunky shop, besides the fact we got t shirts for $5. I even ran into a manikan and knocked it down :). We also stopped at CVS and Wawa, which were both picture worthy, of course. Then there were a bunch of other cute little places we went in, including a delicious fudge shop!

oh.my.goodness. This was an interesting dinner! We spent 3--yes THREE--hours in this restaurant trying to get some dinner. First, we walked in and were put at our table and we looked at the menu. We were looking and noticed how expensive it was. CRAZY. $17 for a plate of spaghetti with meatballs. My mom can make that dinner for 10 people for less than that. We decided to order just a white pizza for our main meal, and crabshetta for an appetizer. It took an hour to bring out the appetizer, and almost 2 to bring out our actual dinner! The owner kept coming over and saying, "All of our food is made FRESH, and that is why it takes longer, but it is so worth the wait! Blablabla FRESH FOOD". Well oh my goodness. We played some Memory to pass the time (to which I won every game but one). When our pizza finally got to us, we were so hungry. It was very good, just not worth the wait at all. The atmosphere was cute, too.

To end the night, we went down to the boardwalk! It was so much fun. We walked around and looked into all the different little shops, did some quality people-watching, and of course ate some dessert. When we first got there, we saw this man preaching next to some Jesus sand monuments. It was a pretty neat way to spread your religion, because it attracted a bunch of people. We walked into different places, but my favorite place we went on the boardwalk was Dumser's Ice Cream. SO good. I had a delicious ice cream cone, and it was seriously so good. I also liked listening to the different little instrument players and people doing weird things for money. Lastly, we met a creeper on the boardwalk, too. Some guy came up to us and asked us if we wanted to see the "weed dance" for $5. Just $5.

We got back to our hotel room around 12:30 am and played Crummy Rummy and Bananagrams, which were both so much fun! In fact, we played for FOUR hours. Katelyn and I didn't even go to bed.