Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Summer Wrap-Up

The end of summer came about two weeks ago, and the kids all went back to school (I was already back). The few weeks before that, our cousins came from Connecticut to visit. It was good to see them again after a whole year! My Aunt Lisa and I spent a lot of time painting, and the kids all spent a great deal of time swimming at the pool and baking!

Cute little Katie got a "makeover" from Suzanne! Curly hair and a little bit of makeup!

Nate and the boys made cupcakes with Snow Butter cream (yum). Aunt Lisa showed the boys how to swirl the tops of the cupcakes to make them look fancy!

Finished cupcakes... the boys also made a coffee cake with Nate (also delicious). They had a great time with him!

Katie swimming at the pool.

I continued spending a good amount of time with Aman and Aleena babysitting.

Another big project I finished was going through all of the clothes in the attic and random junk. We took so much stuff to Goodwill, but there is still a ton left in the attic! A house of eleven sure does accumulate lots of stuff!

The house stayed pretty messy for a while there! :)

Summer's over. All the little guys had a good first day of school. Rachel and Harrison went off to middle school together, and so far Harrison seems pretty excited about it. Rachel is just counting down the days until she is out of there! Ryan really liked Kindergarten, but he hated riding the bus. Mom used to pick the boys up and take them to school everyday, but with all that she has going on with babysitting and her own kids this year, she decided to have them ride the bus. It was a busy, crazy summer this year, more crazy than normal, but it was fun!

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