Monday, September 5, 2011


Just a quick update before bed--it's been three weeks since I've been down here at VCU. Two of the three weekends, I went home. I stayed out of the move-in weekend mess and chaos since I was already moved in, and then I went home this past weekend for Labor Day. Although this weekend was much crazier than normal, I was so glad to be home! We continued working on the bathroom renovation, and then started Suzanne and mine's room. Nothing is quite finished, however.

School here can get pretty boring. Nothing super exciting goes on around campus during the week, or at least in my dorm here. **Side note: they call the Honors College here at VCU "Brown Town" because the majority of residents are Indian or Asian. It is a fitting name :) Anyways, I've had lots of free time over the past two weeks, even with classes starting. I keep telling myself that maybe it will get more exciting when classes get rolling and tests/quizzes start coming up, and I get to know people in my ward, etc... Tomorrow morning, bright and early, is the crew club practice. I'm going to try it out with a few other people in the Honors College and see how and if I like it. Maybe that will give me something to do! For now, I'm headed to bed. I'll post hopefully tomorrow with some of the house changes and family stuff. :)

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Kelly said...

You are amazing Megan! I hope you have a wonderful experience at school. I always tell Les the news that you post on here. Keep up the good work! We have got to get together with your family and catch up soon!