Monday, September 26, 2011

School Stinks.

When I go back home, everyone always asks me if I am enjoying college: yes and no. It seems like I go through cycles of enjoying it just fine, and then really hating it. It's fun here when I'm headed to crew, or to the gym, or sometimes to club meetings, or sometimes just hanging out with a few of the girls on my floor. However, I get really frustrated being down here, too. It's super quiet, not many people here share my standards and values, it smells like an ashtray all the time, sirens ring all day and all night long, people can be really rude to others, classes are really slow and boring, and there's not much to do here that comply with my standards with other people.

I'm really grateful and so blessed for how my college path turned out. I wouldn't change any of my decisions, but I am ready for school to pick up a little with more interesting material and knock out all of these required honors courses that annoy me daily. It'd be nice if the school year would go by a little more quickly, too.

Right now I'm on the hating it part of the cycle.

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