Monday, March 28, 2011

Hot Momma

This is mom at 26 weeks, a month ago. She is now 30 weeks, and has about eight weeks left!

Kyan Update

He's getting VERY big. And really cute. Irresistible at six months old!

He loved Gray's soft beard

He likes to fly

He seems to like his pacifier now!

And he likes to help me cook while he sits in his Bumbo!

Carl's Is Open!

Well, actually it opened a while ago. We went together the day it opened for a little treat, and we had Kyan that day! Very fun, and always delicious!

Ha! Look at him eyeing Tanner's ice cream!


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Pretty Big Deal

I have officially decided where I will be going to college. Probably the biggest decision I have made so far in my 17 years of life.

I will be a VCU Ram (I didn't even have a clue what their mascot was until my friend told me... school spirit, right). I was accepted into the honors college, meaning I will have my own room, my own bathroom, priority registration for classes, live in honors housing, and other random perks. One of my FAVORITE things about VCU is that it is so close to home! I will only be one hour away from my family, which is great because the new baby will be here in just about two months! Another thing that drew me to VCU was their MCV campus and guaranteed admission to their medical school (if I apply for it) after I finish my bachelors degree. Right now I am headed the biology route, but who knows if that's what I will stick with! The only downside to VCU, which really made me hesitate at first, was the LDS setting. We (Dad, Mom, Gray, and I) actually went down and visited the ward I will be in while at school. The singles ward has about two dozen undergrads at VCU, FHE every week, Institute three differeant nights, firesides, activities, temple trips, etc... All in all, it was very promising, and I am definitely glad that the church is strong down there!

Because I made my decision, it means I heard back from everyone else. Just for personal records:
I applied to George Mason University, UVA, VCU, University of Mary Washington, Virginia Tech, BYU-Utah, and BYU-Idaho. I was accepted to all of them, and I received scholarships from everywhere but UVA and Virginia Tech. I applied for UVA's full ride and ended up competing for it, but didn't get it. I was accepted as an Echol's Scholar, however. I was given honors acceptance in each school. I would say it was a pretty successful college journey this year!

I am so glad to have finally made a decision. I know where I will be in the fall, which feels great. I have honors orientation in mid-June (so soon!) where I choose my classes. Crazy! And I have only eight more weeks of school until I am done. Eight. More. Weeks.

Sunday, March 13, 2011


Kyan and I have been tired this past week.

On Tuesday we slept a little.

Then on Saturday we slept a little bit more!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


In just a few short months, I will be a college student. As I have been trying to decide where to go, whether it be at home, close to home, or across the country, I have had lots of people tell me I shouldn't stay at home because I need to just have time to myself and be 18 years old, to relax. I help out a lot around my house, and I definitely have a lot of responsibilities as the oldest daughter in a large family. However, if you know me, you probably know that I am perfectly content with my position and responsibilities in my family, and I am definitely not going to college to "relax" and get away from the family responsibilities I have.

I have always been very mature for my age. I think it comes with the big family territory. I have known for years how to wash laundry, cook full meals, clean almost anything, take care of kids, clean up messes, etc... Sometimes I talk to a girl in my classes who has three younger siblings. Even with younger siblings, she doesn't know how to do any of those things. Another one of my friend's knows how to do some of them, but her mom does almost everything for her, even clean her room. Crazy. I don't always enjoy everything I have to do, but I am glad that I know how to and that I was taught from extremely little that I was expected to help in my family (Story: when I was only four years old my mom would have me clean my room by myself. I hated it. She video taped me crying and carrying on for hours about having to clean it, but she always made me finish it.).

I love having a big family and I love that I have learned so many things that most teenagers do not. My parents are (almost always) pretty awesome. When I do go to college, some of the things I will miss most about being home is cooking big huge meals for the family, (imagine being used to cooking meals for ten and then eventually having to cook for only one person, me), teaching Ryan crazy things and getting him SO excited to build a garden this spring, watching Kyan and missing the new baby that is coming, and just being a huge help in this family. However, I will NOT miss mopping floors, cleaning up the boys' pee on the toilets, washing dishes, etc... Those can stay!