Saturday, April 19, 2008

AP Review Sessions

Today I am going to an AP review session for European History. I have to take the AP test in a few weeks, so we are going to "study". I went to the first session last week, and for two whole hours our teacher rambled on and we took a practice AP test. Now, today we are doing the same thing! When are we actually going to study?

In order to well on this AP test it looks like I am going to have to study all on my own. Fun...

When we took the first practice test, I got a 48%, so this studying thing should be real fun...

Oh! And to top it all off, she is making things we do at OPTIONAL REVIEW SESSIONS, grades for class, no matter if you were there or not or if you took the AP Test or not.

My teacher needs to be fired. She hasn't taught us anything all year!!!

Friday, April 11, 2008

How Time Flies

Time has flown by since I last wrote in October. I haven't really done that much besides homework and what not, so I never have anything interesting to say really. I suppose I'll just ramble about my nerdy habits...

So last month I went to the University of Mary Washington for a German spelling bee, in which my team got first place. It was fun, especially because I got the chance to miss a whole day of school! The actual spelling bee took about thirty minutes, and after that we toured UMW campus, we ate a delectable lunch, and then saw a few performances. We got second place overall for German, because they combined all of the events and based our score upon that. They had poster and video competitions, intermediate spelling bee (this is what I competed in), advanced spelling bee, and poetry recitations. In the end we won a little bag that had a German quote and the bag was filled with tons of stuff!

More of my nerdiness--Report cards just came out again for the third time, and I had strait A's again. My GPA is now a 4.125 or something of that sort. I hope I have the highest GPA out of my Governor's School class, but I'm not sure. I know that a bunch of people are getting C's, D's, and F's, so right now I'm doing well.

So in "regular" high school, my lowest percentage is a 98, which is in journalism. The class is really easy, but I enjoy it. I recently got an article put in the newspaper (on the front page!), which is really good because my grade isn't usually published in the actual paper. The editor said he liked my writing style, which is just another fact that proves just how much of a nerd I am.

AND, if it's not bad enough already, my teacher emailed me yesterday telling me how good of a student I was, how I have good work, etc... It was a nice e-mail, but is full proof I'm NERD. SO in conclusion of this section of my blog, I am a complete NERD and that will probably never change.

Now I will move on to my "life".

Last weekend I moved downstairs to share a room with my younger sister. I know--major sacrifice for the common good of the people. Eventually, we will paint and redecorate our room, but for now it is just plain. I suppose it's not that bad sharing a room, and it definitely beats sharing a bed because your other little sister gets scared at night!

Last night, my two sisters, my littlest brother, my mom, and I all went out to get some cheese fries. It was one of those spur of the moment things just because we wanted to. Mom had a giftcard to Ruby Tuesday, so we decided to go there--BIG MISTAKE!!! We walked in, and there was nobody at the front desk to get us a table and it smelt horrendous--like smoke, beer, and rotten pickles. So we decided just to sit down anyway, and then we were waiting for a while until our server came. We ordered drinks, but then we couldn't take it anymore! We decided to leave because the restaurant stunk and the service was cruddy. We were planning on telling the lady at the front desk, but OOPS, she wasn't there. So, we politely just walked out and didn't pay for the drinks we had recently ordered. Good thing nobody knew who we were! Anyway, my little sister was afraid we were going to be in trouble or something, so she ran to the car, got in, and was hiding. It was pretty funny. However, we still has a problem. We wanted our cheese fries. To solve the problem, we ended up going to Longhorn Steakhouse, and having a wonderful time!

Now it is 12:35, and I have TONS of homework to do... literally. Homework never ends. Every waking minute of my life, I am doing homework. In journalism, we had to write an obituary for ourselves, and I died for an overdose of homework, that's how bad it is.

So who knows, maybe I might be better at this blog thing this year. All I know is that I am better than my mom at it :)