Thursday, June 23, 2011

An Awesome Family!

About a week and a half ago, Gray, Derek (Gray's best friend), and I have been helping our really good friends prepare for their move. They are moving very far away, and they had to prepare their home for the renters. Part of this preparation included painting every wall in their home white (it makes it easier for the touch-ups after each renter). So, with a few gallons of primer and 5 gallons of white paint, we began on Tuesday night. We painted for about 4 hours last Monday, 9 hours last Tuesday, and then 3 hours last Thursday. With many people, it went fairly quickly. While we all painted, John finished up lots of handy work, including finishing counter tops, bathrooms, and laying new trim, and also helped paint. When we finished all of that, it definitely felt very good! Over the past few years, our families have become so close and we just love them! They are one of the best families in the world! This week they were traveling back to Oregon to visit family. After four and a half days in the car, they finally made it yesterday!! In about two or so weeks, they will be back in Virginia and staying with us, which will be awesome! The older boys (Dad, Gray, and John) all play game called Magic, so they will be up late playing their last Magic games together for three years!

This was on Tuesday the first night we went over to paint! When the kids were still there, we had to play around before we did anything! Those little two kids just LOVE Gray, and he is so cute with them! Gray will definitely be a good Dad.

The love is evident right here. See that little blur? That's Jocelyn and she loves beating up on Gray and chasing him around, and he plays right along with her!

Little Mr. Landon and me :) Looking as good as ever in my painting gear!

The second day (Wednesday), Derek and I went over in the afternoon in order to knock a lot more out! We finished up the biggest room in the house!

John bought us some Chipotle (so nice!!), and Leslie brought over the kids for family dinner. They had taco bell :) Andrew played around with Gray, of course!

Paint in the hair and paint on the face! With cute Jocelyn eating our dinner!

While their house was all packed up and in transit to Germany and storage, the Shields stayed with us for three nights before venturing off to Oregon. Andrew and I cutting brownies for dessert! Yum!

Me, Gray, Andrew, and Derek. The three older ones did a lot of painting!

So grateful to have such good, wonderful friends!
p.s. Thanks Leslie for taking the pictures and letting me download them! Glad to have a record of last week!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Evan: 1 Week Old

Once Evan was a week old, and the craziness had spun down after bringing him home, I had the chance to take some pictures of him! I love the way they turned out. He is growing so fast, and right now he is loosing that dark hair of his on the top of his head, but he is still so cute! Last week he weighed 9 lbs, 11 oz. He definitely knows how to eat!

Sunday, June 19, 2011


On June 4th, I graduated from high school! I will never have to go back there for school early in the morning ever again! The last few weeks were a little bit crazy, because I was ranked in the top three so I had to write a speech. It took me forever to write my speech because I really had no idea what I wanted to say. So of course, I waited until the last minute and still didn't have my speech in on time. Oh well, I had it in soon enough. Eventually I ended up writing about Evan, how brand new he was, and what I hoped for both him, myself, and the class of 2011 throughout our lives. A little cheesy, maybe, but it was my speech :).

I ended up as the valedictorian for my high school out of roughly 450 seniors. I was pretty excited, and I was even more excited to speak at graduation. Now, I know nobody really cares and 99% of the people are not even paying attention anyways (In case you were wondering, Mom and Dad, Grandma and Grandpa, Rose, and a few good friends made up the other 1% that was listening). However, it was still nice to have a little recognition for my hard work! I do not get nervous speaking in front of a lot of people, so I thought the speech went very well! Another governor's school girl, also named Meghan, was the salutatorian. She gave a really good speech as well using a soccer game as a metaphor for our lives.

Needless to say, I am SO glad to be finished with the last four years that have consumed a great deal of my life. I never was one that really enjoyed high school for any reason, so I couldn't wait to be finished! I am excited to go on to college, and maybe medical school--who knows. It will definitely be interesting to see where I will be in the next ten or fifteen years. I could still be in school, or be done with a family of my own. Crazy!

After graduation, mom had a little party at our house. She was awesome, and so was Rose who helped her a TON. And my Aunt Amy--the best. She made a beautiful cake that tasted sooo good and looked even better (if that's possible!). I have some really great family and friends that have supported me for the last 12 years of school. They are awesome!

Cap and Gown--and cords. I had a gold cord for having a high GPA, and the black, gold, and red cord for National German Honors Society. The white stole was for National Honors Society. Also the gold tassel was for honors as well.

This was me giving my speech :)

Accepting my diploma--so happy to be DONE!

I had to stand at the bottom of the stairs where everyone exited after getting their diplomas in order to congratulate them and help hand out flowers. This is my really good friend Amanda and me :)

(Almost) All of the Massaponax Governors School kids! We were missing two--Lenzie and Kent (he didn't walk).

Meghan (Salutatorian) and me. Her medal had an "S" and mine had a "V" and they were very neat!

Me and Amanda! She is off to Randolph College for dance. She is an amazing dancer!

Ann and me--we've known each other since sixth grade band class and have had so many classes together over the last seven years! She is off to UVA for engineering or computers!

Me and Rose. She is so awesome! Thanks for coming all the way from Colorado!

Me and Dad--he was actually salutatorian when he graduated from high school. Pretty neat. He kept his speech that he gave at his graduation. It was a little weird, but very cool that he still has it!

Mom, me, and Dad. I have two seriously awesome parents. After my speech, our principal thanked them for providing job security :)

Me and Katelyn! One of my closest friends! She is going to start at Germanna in the fall and wants to become a teacher! She will be great!

My medals--the first one is for Valedictorian, the second one is for having a 4.5 GPA or above (my final GPA was a 4.936), and the last medal is for being a Commonwealth Governor's School student!

Grandma, me, and Grandpa! They are two of the BEST grandparents!

The little boys and me! It's funny to think that Evan will not graduate until the year 2029. Wow. Mom and Dad still have 18 years of schooling ahead of them!

Aunt Amy made the awesome cake and cupcakes for my party! It tasted SOO delicious and looked so cute! I am so grateful for all the work she put into that cake! She is the BEST!

Gray with all of his little buddies at the party!

April got me a laptop case for school next year! Seriously the cutest pattern! Man, do we all love April so much. She is one of the most giving and selfless people you will ever meet!

Zee, Me, and Aman. I have been babysitting Aman since he was almost three. Man is this family one of the best families we know!

Ryan also graduated preschool this year. April came to his graduation and gave him a little present as well. Man is he excited to be headed off to Kindergarten in the fall! Let's just hope he stays excited about school for a long while!

Senior Business

The week before I graduated was pretty crazy with senior awards and ceremonies! The school had a scholarship banquet for the seniors who had received at least full tuition to their colleges, and so I was invited to that. There were seven students out of about 450 seniors, so it was pretty exciting. Mom and Ryan came, and my teacher Mrs. Fellinger came as well. Very neat and they did an awesome job!

The week later was senior awards. However, there are no pictures :). Mom was at a memorial service and so I went to that one alone. That's okay, because I slept through the whole thing. That Wednesday was the last day of school for most of the Governor's School kids. However, that day we still had a big scrapbook project due, so I was up really late. I just couldn't stay awake through the ceremony! But I was awake to accept my awards. I received a scholarship award, and then 6 other awards too.

On the 27th, the Richmond News Station holds a Best of the Class event every year. All the valedictorians and salutatorians are invited to spend the day at Kings Dominion with 2 friends or family, and they have a lunch and video tape different things for the news and later for commercials throughout the summer. It was pretty neat, and Suzanne, Mom, Ryan, and I had a free day at the park! We mostly just rode around in the little kids park because there were no lines! Suzanne and I rode two roller coasters and then were done! It was an awesome event though and nice to have a fun day with some of the family!

Snoopy Statue in the Kids Park

Ryan and I rode the Taxi Jam and Suzanne snapped this picture. Although it is slightly blurry, I still like it!

Before the roller coaster--he's not the biggest fan of fast rides that tickle his stomach, but he still rides them with me!

Suzanne, Evan, and Mom. We took Evan to Kings Dominion when he was only a week old! Mom is definitely crazy!

Family Picture

Ryan's 5th Birthday

Ryan turned 5 on May 25th. He told everyone that Evan would be born for his birthday! Too funny. We really didn't do anything on his actual birthday because Mom was busy with a newborn, Dad was in his master's class that night, and I had senior awards. However, we definitely got to celebrating that weekend!

Mom's friend April did buy him this little cookie cake (which he loved) to eat on his actual birthday night! He sure loves her, too!

I made little bug cupcakes for Ryan's preschool class. Very boyish, but also really cute (I thought!). And, they are all made from candy and chocolate. What little kid wouldn't love that? Ryan loved them and was very excited to take them to preschool! I'm glad he liked them!

All of the bugs--centipedes, spiders, ants, ticks, etc...

Close up of one of the bugs!

The bugs atop the cupcakes! Yum

Ryan with his awesome preschool teachers! He had so much fun on his birthday!

Over that weekend, we finally celebrated as a family. Rose and Kanoe were both here so they helped Ryan celebrate! He had an ice cream cake from Dairy Queen (of course) and opened presents from the family. He got Legos and a video game. He was very excited!

Blowing out his candles!

Ryan with some of his presents--legos, a video game, and cars fruit snacks!