Saturday, April 28, 2007


Staying up until midnight and getting up with the baby at seven tires me out! About seven o' clock I started feeling really tired. Now I know how my mom feels when she only gets a maximum of five hours of sleep a night. How does she get anything done?

Today my seven year old brother had a birthday party to go to. It just happened that he likes the birthday girl, and whenever we mention her his face goes beat red! Anyway, the party was up at their elementary school playground, so my mom took the little kids up to play. She let the older ones stay up and play, and that my six year old brother very mad. My mom brought him home and he refused to get out of the car. Mom lost her voice, so she didn't yell at him or anything. A couple minutes after my mom came in the house she said, "I beat you he is walking up to the playground." So I ran outside and, sure enough, he was marching his little butt up there. That didn't fly too well with my mom and dad, and buy did he get in trouble.

You haven't lived until you've gone shopping with a very excited six year old. Mom, the six year old, and I went to the grocery store and he kept asking for things. Example: "Mom, can you get some of this spaghetti and meatballs (a.k.a. Chef Boyarde)? It's only one dollar!" So Mom of course said yes, and then turned to me and asked if I would like some. I said no thanks, for they call it Beefaroni, but I call it barfaroni! Also, when we were doing the self check out, he accidentally scanned something wrong and made us have to start over. Now I know why my mom likes to go shopping alone.

We were eating dinner, so I sat down at the bar stools. Dad asked my to fix drinks for everyone, so I did. Then, when I went back to sit don, the seven year old had stolen my seat. I said, "Hey, I was sitting there, silly." So he replies, "You move your feet, you lose your seat!" The reaction in the kitchen went something like this: "Ohhh... you just got burned. You might need some ice to cool off that burn!" What lovely family support on my side...

Still haven't gotten a letter from the Governor's School people. That means they will probably send them out on Monday! Keep your fingers crossed...

Journal Writing

Something Definitely went wrong with that friendship bread. When I pulled it out of the pan this morning, it was all liquidy. I tested it and everything just to make sure it was done, and the knife came out clean. We're going to try and make the bread in a couple of days and my mom's going to ask how her friend does her so well. Maybe I just wasn't made to cook....

So Mom got home from work at about 11:30, and I went to bed around midnight. The oh so cute eleven month old started screaming at seven, so I went in and got him. Lucky me only got seven hours of sleep on a weekend! At first the baby wouldn't stop screaming, so I gave him a cinnamon roll, which he enjoyed. He was fine for an hour or so, but then he started fussing again. So I fed him some oatmeal and now he is fine again. Mom took my seven year old brother to a soccer game, and my older brother and Dad are on a camping trip. Therefore, I am the one babysitting.

I have a lot of really lame projects due in the next couple of weeks that I really don't feel like doing. Let's see... I have a science fair project, a band portfolio, and band paper, and just the everyday homework. Most of my homework comes for my geometry course. Geometry is really easy, but it's time consuming and it takes way to long. I'd rather be doing something else, like quilting. I think I'm going to make a rag quilt today. The first one I'll make has trucks on it and it's really cute. The second one I want to make is a ballerina quilt for a little girl. I think that one will be so cute! I have about six I could make. The two I listed just now and then I have a monkey one, a duck one, one with crazy designs (that one's for me!), and a froggy one. I've already made two: a sport one for a little boy and the first one was a test to see if I liked making them, so I gave it to my little brother. They're pretty fun to make, but snipping the quilt takes forever!

That's pretty much all I have to say right now!

Friday, April 27, 2007

Something May Be Wrong!

Okay, so the cinnamon rolls were pretty good, but the friendship bread is a different story. For some odd reason it's taking over an hour and a half to bake and it's only supposed to take an hour. I followed the instructions (I think!) so I'm just going to hope I made it correctly. My mom's friend's bread tasted really good so I'll have to ask her how she did hers.

My mom should be arriving home from work any time now. Good thing, too, because I'm getting a little tired, but at least the baby is asleep. My eleven year old sister is playing some random driver's ed game and the music is really annoying. All the little kids are asleep. My nine year old sister was so tired today she fell asleep on the couch at about 7:30 watching Disney Channel. She was not in the best mood today, but it happens to the best of us.

It was Saturday or Sunday night and everyone was having a little ice cream. The eleven month old baby wanted some too, of course, so I was sharing. Then when I went to take a bite, he screamed at me (I guess he thought it was his) so I screamed back. This went on and on and on and on and I think you get the point. It was hysterical. That is one baby with a very strong opinion!

So we were eating dinner tonight and my cute three year old brother says, "Megan, can you hook me up with a drink?" It was very cute. He knows a lot of things third graders don't even know just from growing up with older siblings! The other night we were saying family prayers and the three year old says to my dad, "Good night my brother from another mother!" You can just imagine all ten of us rolling on the floor laughing!

My mom just pulled up and I have to go see if that dumb bread worked.

Just Starting...

My mom just started her blog, so I thought I might give it a try. Like she said, there's ten of us, so life is a little more hectic than most. I'm the second oldest. A few things I like to do: writing, rag quilting, babysitting, and earning money. I don't enjoy cleaning, spending money, getting in troubel, etc...Some of the things we do are crazy, but we probably aren't the craziest family in the world.

The past couple of months I applied for a school program called Governor's School. It is a rigourous program for high school students. Anyway, we had to do this formal interview, and we are supposed to find out if we were accepted or rejected anyday now. I've been checking the mail daily and still nothing. My brother is in the program and he thinks it's pretty fun. I guess with me being the youger sibling, he sets the par, so I try and do a lot of things he does.

My mom and I made cinnamon rolls today (even though it's spring/summer) and I'm just waiting to eat one! They smell pretty good. Later tonight I'm gonna make a bread called Friendship Bread and the first time I read the recipie I was disgusted. The second line says "the fremented dough" or something like that. But then I went to babysit for one of my mom's friends and hers tasted really good. However, if the bread doesn't turn out right, we can always pitch it!

Tonight I'm babysitting because my mom is at work (can you imagine taking care of eight kids all day and then working part time) and my dad and brothers are going camping. Well, that's the cinnamon roll timer. Have to go try one!