Sunday, June 19, 2011

Senior Business

The week before I graduated was pretty crazy with senior awards and ceremonies! The school had a scholarship banquet for the seniors who had received at least full tuition to their colleges, and so I was invited to that. There were seven students out of about 450 seniors, so it was pretty exciting. Mom and Ryan came, and my teacher Mrs. Fellinger came as well. Very neat and they did an awesome job!

The week later was senior awards. However, there are no pictures :). Mom was at a memorial service and so I went to that one alone. That's okay, because I slept through the whole thing. That Wednesday was the last day of school for most of the Governor's School kids. However, that day we still had a big scrapbook project due, so I was up really late. I just couldn't stay awake through the ceremony! But I was awake to accept my awards. I received a scholarship award, and then 6 other awards too.

On the 27th, the Richmond News Station holds a Best of the Class event every year. All the valedictorians and salutatorians are invited to spend the day at Kings Dominion with 2 friends or family, and they have a lunch and video tape different things for the news and later for commercials throughout the summer. It was pretty neat, and Suzanne, Mom, Ryan, and I had a free day at the park! We mostly just rode around in the little kids park because there were no lines! Suzanne and I rode two roller coasters and then were done! It was an awesome event though and nice to have a fun day with some of the family!

Snoopy Statue in the Kids Park

Ryan and I rode the Taxi Jam and Suzanne snapped this picture. Although it is slightly blurry, I still like it!

Before the roller coaster--he's not the biggest fan of fast rides that tickle his stomach, but he still rides them with me!

Suzanne, Evan, and Mom. We took Evan to Kings Dominion when he was only a week old! Mom is definitely crazy!

Family Picture

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