Thursday, June 23, 2011

An Awesome Family!

About a week and a half ago, Gray, Derek (Gray's best friend), and I have been helping our really good friends prepare for their move. They are moving very far away, and they had to prepare their home for the renters. Part of this preparation included painting every wall in their home white (it makes it easier for the touch-ups after each renter). So, with a few gallons of primer and 5 gallons of white paint, we began on Tuesday night. We painted for about 4 hours last Monday, 9 hours last Tuesday, and then 3 hours last Thursday. With many people, it went fairly quickly. While we all painted, John finished up lots of handy work, including finishing counter tops, bathrooms, and laying new trim, and also helped paint. When we finished all of that, it definitely felt very good! Over the past few years, our families have become so close and we just love them! They are one of the best families in the world! This week they were traveling back to Oregon to visit family. After four and a half days in the car, they finally made it yesterday!! In about two or so weeks, they will be back in Virginia and staying with us, which will be awesome! The older boys (Dad, Gray, and John) all play game called Magic, so they will be up late playing their last Magic games together for three years!

This was on Tuesday the first night we went over to paint! When the kids were still there, we had to play around before we did anything! Those little two kids just LOVE Gray, and he is so cute with them! Gray will definitely be a good Dad.

The love is evident right here. See that little blur? That's Jocelyn and she loves beating up on Gray and chasing him around, and he plays right along with her!

Little Mr. Landon and me :) Looking as good as ever in my painting gear!

The second day (Wednesday), Derek and I went over in the afternoon in order to knock a lot more out! We finished up the biggest room in the house!

John bought us some Chipotle (so nice!!), and Leslie brought over the kids for family dinner. They had taco bell :) Andrew played around with Gray, of course!

Paint in the hair and paint on the face! With cute Jocelyn eating our dinner!

While their house was all packed up and in transit to Germany and storage, the Shields stayed with us for three nights before venturing off to Oregon. Andrew and I cutting brownies for dessert! Yum!

Me, Gray, Andrew, and Derek. The three older ones did a lot of painting!

So grateful to have such good, wonderful friends!
p.s. Thanks Leslie for taking the pictures and letting me download them! Glad to have a record of last week!


{Shields Family} said...

Ah! Such a great post - and I'm glad you were able to get the pictures off my memory card. John & I are so thankful for all of you helping! I need to get on the ball with my blogging again soon. If only these three kids would slow down or John would stop hogging our laptop! Likely not going to happen! See you soon!! :)

{Shields Family} said...

Hahaha...I really meant my FOUR kids! Oops! :)