Saturday, June 18, 2011

Elementary School Awards

School ended on June 12th, and that last week was full of Elementary School awards and Harrison's 5th Grade Graduation. Harrison, Tanner, and Bryce all got numerous awards acknowledging their intelligence (Honor Roll), their citizenship and personalities (Pirate Awards), and attendance. Harrison is off to 6th Grade (Middle School!) in the fall, Tanner will be in 5th Grade, and Bryce will be in 2nd Grade. Ryan will be off to Kindergarten as well!

The whole family went to support Harrison at his graduation! He had fun!

Proudly accepting his awards!

Honor Roll--of course!

His awards ceremony was during school, but he got Honor Roll and others as well!

Mrs. Brimer teaches at Spotswood! Always great to see her!

It's funny to see how the little boys all just follow a trend of getting good grades mostly on their own. When Gray, Suzanne, and I were all little, Mom and Dad helped us more, and made sure we did our homework, etc... With the little boys, because of the older ones examples, they just know they are expected to do the best that they can, and they do a great job! However, it is always awesome when summer comes!!

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