Saturday, June 18, 2011

Pool With Kyan

Kyan's older sister is home from school for the summer, so we haven't really had him since the beginning of May, and it is pretty safe to say that he is VERY missed around the house! We got to have him last weekend while his sister was celebrating her birthday, and we took him up to the pool. My goodness this little boy LOVES the water!!! He kicks and splashes all around, and is SO much fun to play with! The pool is only a block from our house, and man does it provide some awesome summer entertainment ALL summer long!

He is getting SO big! 9 Months old!!

Gray walked up with Kyan and a few of the other little boys. How cute is that swim diaper hanging out of the suit? Adorable cheeks, I tell you.

Gray and pals.

We would sit him on the side of the pool, and he would fall into your arms. SO cute. He got so excited!

Gray LOVES him too!

Ky man is so fair that we had to cover him up!

Tanner, Suzanne, Bryce, Gray, and Harrison

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