Sunday, June 12, 2011

Princess Tea Party

I babysit some of the cutest kids in the world, that is for sure. Mom's doctor is actually a really good family friend, and her entire family of course. Their kids are too cute. Her daughter turned four, and celebrated with a princess tea party! I went over to help celebrate!

An aerial view of the party room. All of the chairs were so cute--they looked like they were set up for a little wedding! Each table had tea cups and saucers, little candles, and flowers!

The flowers and candles were on each table!

When the little kids got to the party, the boys got a hat and a bow tie. The girls picked out a hat, little fluffy necklaces, beads, and had their make up done if the wanted!

The Birthday Princess!

Reading the Tea Party rules!

The food setup: little finger sandwiches, chips, cheese and crackers, Oreos, chocolate chip muffins, pretzels, M&Ms, starbursts, smarties, skittles, and drinks. A little kid's heaven.

The fondue station was SO good. I probably spent half my time around here. Delicious. And those strawberries were so good.

Birthday Girl enjoying her tea coke. That's what every little kid drinks at a tea party!

The birthday girl's brother! Way too cute.

The cupcakes were so adorable. Fondant was wrapped around the cupcakes to make them little teacups, and cookie saucers and spoons finished it off!

She approved! Chocolate, of course!

Here was the cake. It was extremely cute, but it also tasted SO good. Extremely moist!

Mhm. Looking good as always, sporting the tea party bonnet.

About to blow the candles out! Happy Birthday!!

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