Friday, February 3, 2012

Shake it, You'll feel Better.

For Christmas, we usually have a big family gift that everyone can use and enjoy. Typically, it's some kind of game or game system or something. Our family gathers around those kinds of things a lot. Last year Dad got an XBox 360, and Suzanne really, really wanted the Kinect that goes with it. She told Mom and Dad to get it for Christmas, and on Christmas Day she opened it up. We had the few games that came with it, and a few days later Mom and Dad went out and got Dance Central.

One night Gray and Dad went at it and had a dance off. Gray did alright, but Dad was really into it. It was hilarious to watch! The game really is so much fun! Mom and I danced off that night, too.

It took Dad a minute to get the moves down and to figure out the Kinect

Shake it.

This was Dad after he won the dance off. All of us Kemmey's really hate to lose. Can you tell where we get it from?

Mom and I... her pajama pants make me laugh. She doesn't really like video games :)

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