Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A Successful Kemmey Afternoon

A few weekends ago before I went back to school for the semester, Mom started making a chip dip one Saturday. Suzanne was supposed to have a friend (ahem, a boy) come over to the house, so Mom wanted to make sure she had some snacks. Well, the boy didn't end up coming over after all, but that just meant we had a bowl of dip and chips to munch on. It turned out to be a great lunch.

Key to a great day: stay in your pajamas. Don't even think about getting showered or dressed.

Such simple things can make everyone so excited.


Everyone just stuffing their faces.

And then to top it off, Suzanne got us all addicted to the game Temple Run for the iPod/iPad/iTouch. Mom, Dad, Tanner, Bryce, Suzanne, and I all sat down and tried to beat each others' high score. And that is a successful afternoon.

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