Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Tubes Three Times

Today Ryan had to go in for his third set of tubes in his ears. A few of the boys in the family just have bad luck with their ears--Tanner and Ryan so far, I believe! I got the picture version of the morning from Mom while I sat in Chemistry class today--love picture phones, that's for sure.

Waiting, and occupying the time with games on the iPad! His PJs look comfy and warm!

Right before being wheeled off to the quick little surgery.

And he's off--with webkinz in tow! Then they put him to sleep, did a quick little procedure, and he was done.

After he woke up. Worth it for a popsicle? Maybe.

Mom sent me this picture and said: "Ryan said he is the happiest one. Gotta love that kid!"

They did both ears, but this is his (sideways) left ear, with just a smidgen of blood :)

Well, if it wasn't worth it for the popsicle alone, getting tubes again was definitely worth it for the Paul's Bakery donuts (oh, and increased hearing and less ear problems... that helps, too).

And to top off the day, we received letters from Elder Kemmey in the Philippines! So exciting. I opened my mailbox at school and had a letter sitting in it, and texted a picture to Mom. Mom sent this one back... letters all around! So nice to hear from him besides in the weekly e-mail! He's doing great, and the Philippines (they call it "the Phils") sound like quite the experience!

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