Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A babe, Nertz, and Hospital Fun

I happily went home again this past weekend. My friend picked me up with her Mom, and we went to Cheesecake Factory before we headed back home, which was delicious and a good time! When I got home, I got to see this kid:

Cute cute cute. What a stud.

Saturday night we had our awesome friends over and played an old card game. When Gray, Suzanne, and I were little, Mom and Dad would get together every few weeks with a group of their good friends and play a card game called Nertz. I remember getting to stay up way too late, sneaking all kinds of junk food from the table, and being shooed away from the card table to go watch movies and play with toys as the adults played. Every now and then you could hear someone yell "NERTZ". Well, finally a few weeks ago Mom and Dad taught us the game, and it's addicting to say the least. I love it. Everyone laughs because they don't realize how competitive (and I think a little bit mean/loud) I can get when playing card games.

When I was little, we didn't get computers to play while the adults played cards. We got barbies and The Little Mermaid.

The Nertz table... can't wait to play again. Dad and I were partners at first, and we crushed. Then Dad continued to crush with every other partner he had.

Sunday Mom, Dad, Evan, and I went down to Virginia Beach. We probably would have just left Evan, but we were just going to drop him and me off at VCU and have Mom and Dad continue to the beach. In the end to save time we all just went down to see Grandma. She's still hanging tight in the hospital, going on 22 days. They're still trying to figure her out! A few weeks ago they actually cut out one of her ribs in order to get to her lung, so she had a nice incision with 20+ staples on her side. Tough woman!

The ladies and young women in Grandma's ward worked on fixing up a quilt for Grandma (it has family meaning somehow... just not sure what).

After Grandma's, we headed back to Richmond. Dad, Mom, and I ate some Chili's for dinner on campus, and then they were on their way back to Fredericksburg! Weekends home are SO good!

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