Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Back-to-Back Birthday Weeks

In February we have two birthdays in the family, a week apart. Tanner's birthday falls on the 1st, and then a week later Gray's is on the 8th. Happy Birthday to them both!

Last week Tanner turned 11. He's now in scouts with the older boys, and he, Harrison, and Dad are all going to be going to scout camp this summer, which the boys are pretty excited about. Tanner has always been a very compassionate and sensitive person. He easily loves the little guys around him, and is usually willing to help out with the younger babies, which is awesome. Tanner often wanders into the kitchen when I am cooking, and wants to help, which I love. He's smart and does so well in school, which is one of the most important things at his age! Also, he played some soccer this year, and he started piano lessons. He's just all around a great kid and awesome younger brother! Happy Birthday, bud!

Tanner hanging out with Landon Shields over the summer! He is so good with the little guys (seems like a general trend in this family)!

Tanner's first piano recital around Christmas time.

Helping me make homemade apple pies for Thanksgiving!

Tomorrow Gray turns 20! This past year for him seems (to me) like it was full and crazy. Last May he was able to quit working at Subway and he now interns at the Dahlgren Base doing computer programming, something I will never understand. He is so good at it, too. With the co-op program at the base, he doesn't have to work during the school year, so he's just still going to University of Mary Washington. We're both ready to be done with school, haha, but he's still doing well, no surprise. Two things I especially love about Gray: 1. Over the summer I started going to the gym with him, and he helped me out a lot in the physical fitness area of life, lol. We still hit the gym together on weekends and whenever I'm home, and it's always a good time. 2. He is the main person teaching me to drive. He is pretty patient considering how bad of a driver I am, but I haven't had much practice. He often takes me back to school after a weekend home, and so I get some prime driving practice. Pretty awesome. Gray generally just does a lot of things for other people, and is quick to give. At the same time, he has a hilarious, cocky personality that keeps everyone laughing! Happy Birthday, Gray!

Mhmm. Stud.

This year he also managed to chop off a portion of his thumb...just some skin! It bled a lot though... he went into shock, haha :)

He was able to participate in Evan's Blessing as a holder of the Melchizedek Priesthood. It was awesome--all the older boys in the family participated. And Gray was looking sharp!

And after working all summer long and making a ridiculous amount of money for a college kid without any degree, Gray was able to buy an Apple Laptop. He loves it!

Happy Birthday, guys! Love ya!

PS. Being at school during birthday celebrations is a little bit unfair. They had some delicious looking homemade lasagna for Tanner's birthday and I had some nasty Shafer Dining hall.

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