Thursday, February 9, 2012

Famous Cinnamon Rolls

During the winter, cinnamon rolls are always being made at the house. Mom used to make them all the time, especially on snow days. Eventually she taught me how to make them, and now we both make them all the time. The boys (mostly Ryan) really love helping to make the cinnamon rolls at the end, after they rise. They like to punch down the dough, and then cut them with the dental floss. This year we didn't have as much cold weather for the winter, but we did still make a plethora of cinnamon rolls! These pictures are old, but still cute. One weekend I came home from VCU, and Mom had already made the dough for the rolls, so the little guys and I finished them up.

Ryan is so excited after punching down that dough!

Rolling up the dough--we use tons of cinnamon, because in Dad's opinion, you can never have enough!

Aleena rolling out the dough

During part of the rising process... so many layers of cinnamon and sugar :)

The day's cinnamon roll making crew!

One of my favorite parts of making cinnamon rolls is seeing how they turn out in the end. Some are perfectly circular, and others pop all over the place! So fun, and even more delicious!

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