Thursday, January 13, 2011

West Point vs. Naval Academy

Gray's best friend Andrew went to West Point this past year for school. I'm still amazed one of them hasn't died from a broken heart from being away from each other so often. Andrew came home for Christmas break, and Gray stayed at his house all but I think three nights. In December, Gray went to Philadelphia for the Army vs. Navy game. Andrew's dad was in the navy. My dad and my grandpa (pictured) went to the Naval Academy. My uncle is in the navy. Lots of family in the navy, and yet Gray went up to support Army. Gray got a t-shirt from the game. When Andrew got back to Fredericksburg, he brought Suzanne and I a shirt.

On Christmas Day, we drove down to Virginia Beach. Coincidentally, Grandpa was wearing his Naval Academy shirt. Gray and I had both brought our shirts, and decided to go switch them out in the car for this opportune photo! Suzanne would have joined us, but she was barfing her guts out at the time.

Andrew just got back into school not even two full weeks ago. He is already using one of his passes to come home this three day weekend. Goodbye, Gray. We'll see you again on Tuesday.

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