Friday, January 7, 2011

Christmas Eve Happenings

Every year we spend Christmas Eve with some of our really great family friends, but this year with everyone sick we couldn't go (we gone for probably close to 10 years). We had to find some ways to occupy ourselves on Christmas Eve this year!

When mom was a little girl growing up, she always did puzzles with my grandma, so mom bought a 500 piece puzzle of Rockefeller Plaza. She also bought a little 50 piece puzzle for Ryan. Naturally, the boys weren't too thrilled about building puzzles; rather, they wanted to run off and play electronics and video games. Once we really got the puzzles going they were more interested. Everyone left me and I ended up doing the majority of the 500 piecer by myself. I stayed up until 2:45 am, but it was finished!

All of the us working on the puzzle. Dad even got into it for a few minutes (until Gray turned on Little Shop of's favorite)

The boys and their little 50 piece puzzle of Santa's sleigh

Since Gray is working at Subway now, he had to work on Christmas Eve from 12 until close (at 10). Mom was going to cook a nice Christmas Eve ham and all the works, but we all decided it would be a lot of fun to go see Gray and eat Subway instead. Andrew even came over to comfort his best friend through his suffering.

Mom got the boys matching Christmas pajamas :)

Us on the outside, Gray trapped in the inside until closing

Our family, like many others, has the Christmas Eve pajamas tradition. Every Christmas Eve we look forward to getting our new pair of Christmas pajamas!

Christmas Eve 2010

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