Monday, January 17, 2011

Oh (Another) Brother!

God thinks we need one more boy in this house, so come June 4th, we will welcome another little boy into this house :) Brother number 6 (did you read that...SIX).

Everyone except for Gray and Rachel went to Richmond for mom's doctors appointment. Everyone was really excited. What mom and dad really wanted was to know the baby was healthy, and it was. But, we all were hoping for a little girl if we had the choice. It just would have been fun to have pink, bows, tights, little dresses, dolls, nail polish, etc... back in the house rather than soccer balls, Hot Wheels cars, and video games :)

As the ultrasound tech was looking at everything, she was stopping and pointing out the kidneys, the feet, the legs, the arms, the spine, the stomach... everything but the gender. Suzanne and I were waiting and it was really, really quiet. We were SO wanting it to be a girl. The tech asked mom and dad if they wanted to know the gender. They said yes, and the tech said it's going to be a little boy. Quiet. Then the boys quietly shared their excitement, and us girls held back our tears.

In reality, another little boy will be fun, and we are all still very VERY excited for another little baby in the house! Our little friend we watch will have a little playmate! Little boy clothes are very, very cute and babies are fun no matter what! The brain and heart are perfectly fine, and the health of the baby was really the main concern. There is a little excess fluid in his right kidney, but no big deal. Ryan's ultrasound showed the same thing!

For anyone who knows my parents, name picking is extremely difficult. It took three weeks to name my sister Rachel and a week and a half just to name our DOG. With a boy, however, we know the middle name will definitely be GRAY and the last name, of course, KEMMEY. Now to choose a first name...

Still very VERY excited! I cannot wait until June 4th to hold this little brother! It will be hard to go off to college when he is only three months old!

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