Saturday, January 15, 2011

In The Past Week

This week has been weird.

It was exam week. Monday through Thursday, two exams a day, followed by early release at 11:15. No school on Friday. I did pretty well on exams, and I am happy with all of my semester grades.

Tuesday I had my Jefferson Scholarship Interview, which went ok. You can never really tell what interviewers are thinking. Especially when there are seven of them drilling questions at you with only a head nod in between. Eh, we'll see how that went.

I had college applications to finish. I finally submitted my last two to Mary Washington and Virginia Tech! :) Now it is just scholarship applications.

I was asked to give a talk tomorrow morning at church. Topic: service for others. Can I tell you how not motivated I am to write it?

I got really mad at my dad, halfway unjustly, but because I am so stubborn I still think I am halfway right. And he was still willing to help with my college essays, while he was sick, after I waited until THE last minute, and after getting mad at him. Man do I have a nice dad.

My camera lens broke AND my mom's camera is broken too. No cameras = no pictures = not very good in this house. I need a new lens, but they are expensive and I am about to be a poor college student in a few short months and I need to save my babysitting money. Lens will have to wait.

I realized how excited I am that my senior year is halfway over and I cannot wait to go to college (or stay for college). Whatever works out best. I am excited nonetheless :)

Mom finds out whether baby 09 is a boy or a girl. I'm voting girl. Mom's voting boy, but only because she doesn't want to be too bummed if it actually is a boy :). Almost everyone is thinking girl. Gray and dad vote for a girl. Ryan, of course he wants a boy.

Ryan took his own picture with our webcam and uploaded it to facebook by himself (he's four. please tell me what other four year olds you know do that).

My aunt got accepted into a year long master's program in Texas, so once again my dad's family are far away from us starting June.

Suzanne dyed her hair again. It is more red now. RED.

I have a new goal: scriptures every day. I was thinking... Over Christmas, I finished four seasons of the show Psych. Since going back to school, I have finished 2 seasons of Bones. I can certainly read scriptures for twenty minutes or so each day.

I have me a talk to write.

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