Friday, January 28, 2011

I Don't Have a Kid

Mom babysits a four month old three times a week. Naturally, I hold him and play with him a lot, because I love babies and little kids. On numerous occasions when we are out, people have asked if he was mine, and have even just assumed.

Back in December, I went with mom to her work Christmas Party at the hospital. Everyone she works with was there, and I was holding the baby. On our way out, one of the doctors asked me if the baby was mine. Um, no. Definitely not. If he was, I would be dead.

Then I went to my Jefferson Scholarship Interview in Charlottesville, and he came along. We went to Subway, and the manager/worker kept talking about how cute "my" baby was and how he loved his mommy (he was weird, very creepy). Not my baby.

Then Friday I went to Bryce's first grade award ceremony. I was holding the baby and playing with him. Some random lady came up to my mom and asked her if he was my kid. No, no it is not.

I will not be having kids for a while. Thanks, though.

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