Wednesday, January 5, 2011


My blog is under construction. I am trying to change everything around, but it is not working 100% the way I wanted it to, especially with my dumb pictures. Once I get all of my pictures figured out, I will update about Christmas (maybe).

So far I have gotten accepted into George Mason University and BYU-Idaho. I have an interview on Tuesday with the Jefferson Scholarship Program at UVA (eek!). The Jefferson Scholarship awards a full ride to UVA! I had to first be nominated out of all of the students at my high school who submitted their resumes, then complete an application for the scholarship, so I am pretty excited that I now have an interview! That is slightly exciting :). I have to finish applying to University of Mary Washington and Virginia Tech, and I am waiting to hear from BYU-Provo, VCU, and UVA.

Mom started watching the CUTEST little boy for one of her friends. He is three months old and the cutest baby boy in the world. He is definitely tiding me over until June 4th when mom has her baby! I waste a lot of potentially productive time holding that little guy and playing with him. Irresistible.

Exam week starts tomorrow. My Micro Economics FINAL is on Friday--I can't wait to be done! End of the nine weeks is Friday as well, so I better get this homework done! :)

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Anonymous said...

Best of luck with your interview! I can't wait to hear all about it at lunch on Thursday! Ms. Buraker