Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

Thanksgiving was great this year, and I was actually eagerly anticipating the holiday. My friend Kavya was spending Thanksgiving with my family this year, and so obviously I was excited to have her around for the craziness of my family. My Dad's family came into town also--Grandma, Aunt Tara, and two of her boys. And in general, there is literally just a ton to be thankful for, and this holiday and season is really a great reminder to just be thankful and count your blessings all the time.

Grocery shopping

Kavya and I were beyond ready to be home for Thanksgiving and for a nice little break from classes. We got out on Wednesday after Organic Chemistry, and Gray, his friend Derek, and Suzanne came and picked us up from school. We both had two FULL buckets of laundry to wash at home, so the car was nice and packed between us and our stuff. We headed home, and later that night Grandma and Aunt Tara joined us. Mom began some of the Thanksgiving prep and I we finished gathering all the ingredients and everything needed. Last year the Black Friday Thanksgiving Day papers came out on Wednesday night, so we wanted to check and see if the same thing was happening this year. Suzanne and I went for a run (which ended tragically, actually--she shattered the screen of her iPod touch during a tragic fall) to WaWa near the house to see if the papers were in--they were indeed, and so we headed home, grabbed the car and wallets, and purchased six Thursday papers.

 With our Papers chock-full of coupons!

Every year when we go to purchase the papers we get a copy for each girl that is going shopping. Yes, it probably would make more sense just to share, because eventually it all gets thrown away anyways. However, part of the fun with our papers is all sitting around looking through them at the same time, each getting excited about all of the different adds, etc... So Suzanne and I went and bought them. We got several looks, but we were satisfied. We brought them home and set them on the counter for the next morning. Kavya and I ended up going back to WaWa the next morning to get her some coffee, and it is a good thing we got our papers on Wednesday night--there were only a few left by early Thursday morning.

Thursday morning was nice and lazy. We were having dinner at four, so we got a few things prepped and ready, and then most of us just lounged around for a while. I made some homemade cranberry sauce this year, Mom made the blueberry jello salad, Dad started the turkeys and ham, etc... The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade was on TV, papers were strewn across the family room, and most of us stayed in our PJ's until the afternoon.

Pretty color of the cranberries

Parade on TV, computers on laps, people sleeping on couches and chairs, papers and ads starting to be opened--good start to the day

This is what Mom's turkey looked liked--stuffed, seasoned, and placed in the oven

Since we had two turkeys, Dad wanted to try something unique and new. We made use of our fire pit, and smoked the turkey outside in the pit. It was actually really moist and very good. Harrison and Dad had a good time setting up all of the coals and experimenting.

Eventually we all started to get showered...

For Thanksgiving dinner we had some good family friends come over from church, and we also had the missionaries over. All in all, there were 22 people in the house for dinner, which was awesome. I love having a big, packed house. The huge table that Dad and Gray built was well over-crowded between the food and the people, and the kitchen was nice and full with the littler people. We had tons of good food and wonderful company.

Dad's fire pit turkey. Tasted delicious! 

Kavya really enjoys coming to our house (or so she tells us!), but sometimes it tires her out just a little :) She just has too much fun.

Those sweet potatoes... so good. This was the first year I actually liked them. Everything else was great, too.

Mom and our friend from church--she made awesome rolls and some awesome chocolate pies that everyone loved

A very full table!

After dinner we all enjoyed some pie and cheesecake for dessert, and all of the girls got ready to go out shopping. It's kind of crazy how early the shopping has started. Everyone in my family wishes it would just start early on Friday--like 4 or 5am, and not on Thanksgiving, but so long as the stores open early, we will head out and start shopping. Crazy, but fun.

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