Friday, December 7, 2012

How the Grinch Stole Christmas: The Musical

In Richmond, the Landmark Theatre is pretty well known and they do several plays and performances each year. Last year they had "Wicked" and "The Lion King" come down. This year I heard that they were playing "How the Grinch Stole Christmas: The Musical," and after seeing one of Mom's posts on Facebook about the Grinch I decided it would be fun to take her and Bryce to see the play for Bryce's early birthday. 

Mom and Bryce before they drove down

Bryce--almost 9 years old

I went and ordered the tickets, and then Mom and I kept it a secret from Bryce up until he got down to VCU. I told him he had to come down and help me pack up my room for Christmas break, but as soon as Mom made him dress up in a nice Christmas sweater, he obviously knew we were lying and something was up. The play was on Friday night at 8, so Mom and Bryce came down early and we went to dinner. We went to the Chili's on campus and used up some of my dining dollars before they go completely to waste. Bryce thought the restaurant was weird since it was called "Chili's" but didn't serve any chili at all. Ha--chili peppers, bud, which they do have.

Bryce and I waiting for a table at Chili's--we didn't have to wait long, though, because the hostess overheard us talking about the Grinch and sat us right away so that we wouldn't be late!

Bryce with his chicken finger dinner--he thought this picture was hilarious because his eyes were closed. I told him he was just like the boy from this video.

Mom and I shared this appetizer thing for our dinner--Chili's actually has delicious chicken fingers. So juicy.

We walked over to the Landmark Theatre, went on in, and got ready to see the performance! I think Bryce was pretty excited. He was expecting it to be exactly like the movie and the book, even though we told him it would be a little bit different because it was a play and also a musical. It was funny, though, he ended up really liking it. They had a lot of special effects and what not, especially with the Grinch, which Bryce though was really cool. At one point the Grinch was in the top corner of the stage, looking like he was off the floor at the top of his cave. The props and music and everything was really nice--they had a live orchestra and band playing, which is always neat to hear.

Outside of the theatre: unfortunately they have been doing construction for ever and a day, and all of the scaffolding was still up and in the way.

Bryce before the play started in front of the stage.

Bryce and I--it was fun to dress up nicely for the play--Suzanne posted on Facebook "Dang Megan you clean up!" 

Bryce and Mom with the program!

All three of us waiting for the play to start! It's awesome how far technology has come--since you can't have actual cameras, it was nice to have the iPhone!

After the play in front of the sign--too bad they didn't have a big Grinch sign or anything, but oh well.

Another one of Bryce and me! 

We thought the play was super cute. The guy who played the Grinch looked like he was having such a great time--Mom and I were saying how awesome it would be to have a job like that where you just loved it so much. The costumes were all so awesome, too. The Grinch interacted with the audience a few times and everything--definitely a great little experience. Glad we were able to go with Bryce! Happy Birthday, Bud!

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