Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Recent Happenings

Just a few recent happenings around school and back at home! 
The weekend before Thanksgiving my Singles Ward here in Richmond had a Harvest Ball. Gray and Derek drove down for it, and I invited Kavya, too. We all had a great time! We grabbed some dinner from a little place here called Mama's Kitchen, and then we all got fancied up and ready for the dance.

So glad to have such a great and beautiful friend here at school!

 Group shot! 

Last week I went to Kavya's Band Concert here at VCU. She plays the flute in the University Band. I think it's so awesome she still makes time to enjoy things she loves despite being crazy busy and tied up with school and science classes! 

Kavya's Band Conductor

Kavya during her performance

Kavya and Me after the band concert! 

So this past weekend Kavya and I went home again. On Saturday night we all went to Goodwill looking for some ugly Christmas sweaters, when Gray found a nice pair of roller skates for $5.24! Then ten minutes later I found another pair! It was awesome! Rachel and Mom already have skates, so we spent the night skating around the neighborhood! 

And I think this picture sums us up pretty dang well...

While we were home, Evan infected us all with his nasty cold/RSV. Thanks, bud. But Bubble Guppies sure does console him.

Passed out on Gray.

Kavya and I are training for a half marathon! So Saturday we had a 5 mile run. Little did we know that we both packed the same running outfits for the weekend! We ended up having a great run, minus a nice crash and fall on my part :)

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