Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Last Day of Break

These few pictures are from the last day of our Thanksgiving Break--Sunday afternoon. It had been such an awesome and good, relaxing break. However, it was also apparently extremely tiring. While Kavya and I passed out on the couch, Dad made sure he took some good photos. It was so bad I fell asleep with my laptop on my lap, and Dad took it off and moved it to the table. He also got both Kavya and I blankets and covered us up--I guess that will make up for the embarrassing pictures he snapped of us! 

I think it has been documented pretty well over Thanksgiving weekend how peaceful and cute of a sleeper Kavya is. She falls asleep all curled up, mouth closed, looks content--she can even fall asleep looking longingly out a window.

And then there is me. Quite the picture of beauty, right? If only you knew how many ridiculous looking pictures there are of me sleeping out there. Oh well. I think the whole head back, sprawled out, mouth hanging wide open look is quite attractive these days. 

Nothing like a good weekend to tire you out.

And then we woke up from our naps and headed back down to school with Mom and Dad. Just a few more weeks to go and we are home for a month (Kavya will get to go home to her other family in Canada!).

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