Thursday, November 3, 2011

Time Out for Women 2011

Two weeks ago we also had our Time Out for Women conference for church/fun. It was so awesome! Usually it's just Time Our for Women, but this year they broke out into a session for Girls, too. Mom, Sister Therrien, Suzanne, Rachel, and I (and Evan too) drove back down to Richmond Friday afternoon, and we met up with my Grandma, Aunt Amy, and Katelyn. Friday the conference started at 6:30, so we got there, waited in line and sat down. They had some awesome speakers the first night talking about service and looking for ways to serve in our lives, and they also had Jericho Road (an LDS band) and Jenny Baker perform. It was awesome! That night we found Shawni and her mom Linda, so of course we had to take a picture with them since we love their blogs/books. The conference ended for the night, and then we went back to the hotel where we munched on way too many cookies and stayed up just a little late eating pizza. Very fun bonding time!

Saturday we went back to the Convention Center for the rest of the conference. They automatically split up the girls (Suzanne and Rachel) from the rest of the women, and the girls went downstairs for their own little conference. I know they had some of the same speakers we did, but they also had a girl who went pretty far on American Idol and some other speakers. One of my favorite speakers was Mariama Kallon, who is from Sierra Leone. She suffered a great deal and almost lost her life, and she lived in a great deal of fear. She came to Utah (Temple Square) to serve her mission for the LDS church, and since then has become an inspirational speaker. She is hilarious, too. I also enjoyed Brad Wilcox and hearing more of the music that was played. It was such a great event to go to with Mom and Suzanne and Rachel and I had a great time! The next one is in April for the Spring tour!

Suzanne and Rachel with Jericho Road--Rachel loved them!

Virginia Hinckley Pearce talking about mothers

Mariama Kallon

Some of the gang! Thanks Mom for an awesome time!

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shawni said...

Thank you so much for sharing your experience at Time Out for Women. It was a pleasure to be there, and you have a lovely blog. Keep up the great work!