Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Late Night Beach Trip

Evan is a night owl at his young age. It's never rare if he is awake around 10 or 11, and Tuesday night at Grandma's house he was still up at about 10:30, so mom decided to take him for a drive because he hadn't slept at all the entire day and she just wanted him to fall asleep! So she said she was going to drive down to the beach, and I hopped in the car to go with her! When we got there, Evan was asleep in his car seat, but we woke him up anyway (I know, totally defeating the purpose) and decided to walk on the beach since we already drove that far and found a close spot to park! The beach was a complete ghost town! Nobody was there at all, so it was a little eerie, but it was fun!

Ghost town!! There were several hotels with only one or two rooms lit up!

Evan with his feet in the sand!

In front of the water!

The rolling waves behind us--so peaceful!

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