Saturday, November 5, 2011

busy busy

Today I had my second Regatta as a rower on the Crew Team at VCU. It was at Occoquan again, and it was awesome. I row in an 8-man shell, and I am 6th seat (port). Our boat improved today, and our 5K time was 23:34. But we all had a great time. Mom got the team Panera bagels and pastries for breakfast and bought a bunch of cream cheeses and spreads. Then Mom, Dad, and Evan came to the race today, which is awesome because I presume they are actually pretty boring to watch. You can't really see anything, and you wait around a lot. Bonus points for the parents. Also, they brought me my iPod that I left at home last weekend, and some lunch! After the Regatta, one of the girl on the team had a barbeque at her parents house, because they live about 10 minutes from the race and they wanted to feed the team! It was awesome and so fun! We finally got back to VCU at about 8:30, so it made for a pretty long day!

This week coming up is the last week of crew practice for the fall semester, so we are done going out on the water. We have Head of the South in Georgia next weekend, and I am super excited about that! It is going to be awesome! So that will consume next weekend.

Because of all of these regattas, it will be three weeks of not going home, which is a record for me. I've only made it two weeks so far, and that's because I had to stay here! Too funny. At least I'll keep myself busy, but you better believe on Friday the 18th, I'll be back in Fredericksburg!

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