Thursday, November 3, 2011

Pumpkin Patch with Bryce

About two weeks ago Bryce's second grade class had a field trip to the pumpkin patch on a Friday. I was home on Fall Break, and his teacher still needed a few chaperones, so I went with Bryce. As much as he teases me (he is super sarcastic), he was pretty excited that I was going on his field trip with him. I was sleeping on the couch because I got up at 6am with Harrison to cut his hair before he showered, and then went back to sleep. Bryce woke me up over and over and over starting at 7am (we didn't have to leave until 8:40!). I just kept falling back asleep because I know it doesn't take me almost two hours to get ready, but every 5-10 minutes Bryce would come wake me up. Also, he was worried that I wouldn't be ready in time so he made me my packed lunch: peanut butter and jelly, apply, chips, and a granola thin. We left for the elementary school, and got there in plenty of time :)

We rode a school bus over to Belvidere Pumpkin Patch, which was about 20 minutes. Bryce saved me a seat next to him and his friend, so there were three of us on his seat. Too funny. Everyone was really excited, but across the isle there was a boy who was being really mean, so I gave him the evil-eye a few times. During the field trip I ended up taking his Pokemon cards away too, so I'm sure he wasn't too fond of me at all :). We got to the pumpkin patch, waited for a while, then we were off. Each chaperone only had three kids to look after, so it was pretty easy.

Bryce and a scarecrow

Marcus (one of Bryce's friends), Bryce, and a boy I don't remember

The first thing we did was take a hayride over to the pumpkin patches and picked our pumpkins. Those little kids sure were picky when it came to finding their pumpkins! After they were picked out, the loaded them back onto the buses which was nice!

Bryce feeding the goats at the petting zoo... he didn't want to at first!

Washing hands after the goats in the nasty washing station.

The Pumpkin Patch has a really cool rope barn filled with hay where everyone swings back and forth. It is awesome!

I had a great time with Bryce!! On the bus ride back, so many of the kids were dropping off like flies because they were so tired! It was definitely a fun day!

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