Monday, November 1, 2010

New York

This past weekend Andrew, one of our long time friends, invited Gray and I up to West Point. We left on Friday afternoon and Mr. Brimer drove for a long time. I used the car ride to catch up on some sleep. We stopped at a hotel in New Jersey, about an hour out from the academy and stayed the night. The next morning we got up and finished the drive to West Point for the football game.

We got there at about 10:30 and eventually met up with Andrew. Army was playing VMI this weekend, and they won 29-7.

They had parachuters drop out of a helicopter and land on the field before the game started. The parachutes were West Point flags.

Close up of one of the parachuters

Army vs. VMI

The flag they unrolled on the field during half time.

After the football game was over, Andrew showed Gray and I all around West Point. The building designs are very pretty, but Andrew said the gray walls get old. The view by the Hudson River is awesome, though, so we stopped and took a few pictures near it and Trophy Point.

Near Trophy Point

Andrew and Gray--They've been best friends since 5th grade.

Andrew and I in front of the Hudson

Gray and I

We finished walking around and met up with Mr. and Mrs. Brimer. West Point has an awesome library. Mr. Brimer was creeping, and took some pictures of us walking.

We left West Point and we went to Out Back. We enjoyed some good food and then we went back to the West Point Motel where we were staying, hung around, and then got ready for the Halloween dance. Pretty simple but very fun.

All of us before we headed out.

The dance was pretty fun. West Point plebes are pretty interesting to watch. We ended up leaving early and then just walked around the little town outside of the academy, Highland Falls. It's a pretty dead town, but there was a McDonalds, so we went over there and got some ice cream and talked for a while. We all were getting pretty tired, so we dropped Andrew back off and then we went to the hotel. I crashed pretty quickly--practically the instant my head hit the pillow!

Mr. Brimer picked up Andrew the next morning and we all drove around to find some breakfast. We ended up in Newburgh at a diner that was really good. We ate some really delicious food and had a good time just driving around.

We had to take Andrew back. Around 1ish we dropped him off near his barracks and we got on the road back to Virginia. It was definitely a fun weekend--I never thought I would be going up to New York. Thanks Mr. and Mrs. Brimer for everything!

One last picture!

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