Thursday, November 18, 2010

Look up "Hypocrite"

And you will find, in BIG BOLD letters the name Whitney Kemmey. Or at least you should find his name when you look it up!

Usually, when I get in trouble around here it is because I am up too late doing homework, or snuck staying up late doing homework, or I set my alarm for 3 am to get up early and finish homework. I have a procrastination problem, and it is very well recognized. I try and do work on the weekends, but I am seriously the most productive between the hours of 10 pm and 4 am. I am a night owl--I can stay up super late without a problem, and usually I can always get up the next day for school. Granted, I'll be dozing in English class, but I'll technically be there. As for punishment for my rebellious late night homework activities, I've gotten kitchen forever (which is a horrible sentence in this household), my dad's taken away my homework before, and he's banned me from babysitting.

But, my dad is the BIGGEST hypocrite. I swear I inherited my procrastination and late night productivity from my dad. I blame genetics. Should I really be getting in trouble for this? This morning I woke up for seminary at 5:15 am, and all the lights were on in the basement still. I walked over to dad's office, and lo and behold, there dad sits at 5:15 am still doing homework (he's in his master's program). Now, he juggles a full time job, his family, church callings, and school, so he does have a little leverage over me. However, he spent his weekend playing Magic (some nerdy card game), Black Ops, Mass Effect, and some other random XBox games. He could have planned out his weekend a lot better and began the assignments he knew he had due this week. He seriously waited until the last minute.

Unacceptable, dad. You need to manage your time more effectively and use the weekends to your advantage. Your sleep is important and you need a good nights rest each night to be more productive.

Hey dad, does all that sound familiar? Yeah. You're busted. :)

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