Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Everyone that really knows me is well aware that I am not the biggest fan of pets--all kinds. However, for some reason back in April we went to Virginia Beach for spring break and I got two hermit crabs just for fun. I brought them home and then did pretty well. I initially took good care of them and kept their cage clean and moist and made sure they always had water and food. I was an okay little pet owner. However, over time, I became more busy and those poor little hermit crabs just fell lower and lower on my to do list. They are extremely boring, and you aren't even supposed to take them out of their cages and play with them. So they just sat.

After a while I felt guilty and again took care of my pets, but they wouldn't eat. They just sat there ALL day and ALL night looking pathetic and hating life (or so it seemed). I hemmed and hawed over whether I should just let them go and be done, but I felt guilty if I did because I knew those two little hermit crabs would never, ever make it.

On October 10, I just decided that they HAD to go. I couldn't keep them any longer. I decided to just set up their cage with their food open and lots of water near a shady tree in my backyard. I left them, and about an hour later I went back to check on them. They were gone and I couldn't find them anywhere. For some reason, it was kind of sad. Let's just think they are off having a better life somewhere.

Their previous home--in a cage sitting on the counter.

The crabs: the orange and black shell was named Herman and the tan one was named Winston.

Ryan helped me "set them free"

Their set up

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