Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Today we had our orienteering field trip. It was awesome, and our group did really well. Ann, Amanda, and I won first from our site :). For orienteering, you strategically go around the woods with a compass and a contour map looking for posts, and racking up points. We found twelve posts, and got 44 points in three hours.

Our group--Amanda, Ann, and me. We all wore red scarves and gloves.

We went a while without finding a post, so when we finally found another one it was exciting.

There was a little grave in the woods from 1937. It was really neat. Right near it was another broken headstone that was empty, but there were flowers by it.

Our group!

Amanda and an arched tree


It was really fun :) And JROTC won nothing, again. Riverbend got the stone of shame, again.

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