Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Schwarzwald--The Black Forest

Saturday on our way home from France, we made a little detour and stopped by The Black Forest. The drive up was so pretty, and when we got out at one of the lookout sites you could see so much of the countryside.

There were these orchard/farms all over the hills. It looked really neat from above.

Some street signs of random German things.

When we parked and got out of the car, we were by a little gift shop and a hotel and restaurant. The shops were all closed, but there was a really nice wooden playground that the kids had a blast on. There was even a seesaw... hadn't been on one of those in a long time, but it was really fun. The playgrounds over here--and there are tons of them--seem to be really nice. Nice, smooth wood, at least the ones I've seen so far. It's really cool. Also there was a big lake that was really pretty. After hearing so much about The Black Forest, I'm really glad I got to see it while I was here. Definitely had a good time there.

Andrew on one of the motorcycles by the playground.

Jocelyn climbing up the slide

Some paddle boaters enjoying the lake

Neat trees of the Black Forest

There are so many flowers--everywhere! They really make everything so pretty.

Landon, Me, and Leslie

The kids and I by some Mummelsee Cow.

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