Thursday, August 16, 2012

Deutsche Bundesbank

Right around the corner from Leslie's house is the Money Museum. We went last week with the kids for something fun to do and to see a little bit more of Frankfurt and Germany, and it was actually really interesting. The museum shows how money has changed all around Europe. I saw common bartering materials from the BC centuries, the first coins, the first paper money, etc. Thankfully, they had an exhibit on the Euro, too, because before I saw it I was a little bit confused!

The entrance to the museum

Just a few of the things that were on display: The first two pictures are cute little coin banks, the third (really small) picture is a salt bar that was used to barter with, and the fifth picture are also items used to barter with. The tray is made of coins, and there were also necklaces, boxes, and more to show off wealth. Lastly, Andrew is standing next to a piece of stone money--imagine lugging that to your next trade.

A cute strip from a comic about why countries should trade with one another... brought back memories of my economics classes senior year :)

Leslie and her little guys at the museum

Jocelyn looking through a magnifying glass at the money

Paper money from around the world... France, the Euro, the German Mark (before the Euro), and a paper bill from the Philippines (my cousin is serving his mission there, so it was only fitting I snap a picture :).

Me, Andrew, and Jocelyn by a big cow

Now on the way out of the money museum, Jocelyn got stuck in the big revolving door, one of those doors that you have to push through and it does around and around. It took off a nice chunk of her skin on her ankle, so she piggy-backed it home! She had fun up until that point! I feel like even if I stayed in that museum all day, I would still be confused... there was so much information it was crazy.

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