Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Ein Sonntag in Deutschland

Sunday was pretty relaxing. After our long trip to France and the Black Forest on Saturday, most everyone slept in pretty late on Sunday morning. Once everyone woke up, we all ate some breakfast, and looked at the clock, realizing it was already 10:20. Leslie's church ward starts at 11, so we had just a little bit of time to get ready and out the door to be there on time. We decided for just the girls to go, and the boys hung home with Dad.

It was neat to see the church building and how the ward worked. Leslie's family goes to an international ward, and they have the service in English. However, people come from all over, and so there are many with accents and many that speak multiple languages. Every first Sunday of the month our church has a fast and testimony meeting, and I was really glad that I was here for church on Fast Sunday. It was neat to hear the testimonies of so many people, with so many different experiences. There was definitely a strong spirit in the room Sunday morning.

Aubrey, Me, and Jocelyn outside of the chapel building

The German Chapel--it was actually the ward's last Sunday meeting at this building. Starting this Sunday, the new building will be walking distance from the house :)

After we got home from church, we relaxed a little bit before heading out for a walk. I met a few of the other families living here, and then we headed to a little pond close by the house. The amount of parks in Germany, and I hear all over Europe, is crazy. There are so many walking paths and trails to enjoy, and the playgrounds are pretty neat, too. Along one of the trails we were walking on is a pond with ducks, and we stopped with the kids for a little bit. Instant entertainment :)

Ducks swimming in the pond

Andrew by the pond

Leslie and all of her kiddos over the bridge

This creepy looking bird sitting by the water

Aubrey is such a good big sister to those little guys.

Fountains in the park

This tower is right outside the windows at home, and you can see it from all around. It glows pink at night, too. We saw it on the way home from the park.

After we got home from walking around the park, we had a typical German dinner. We had Bratwurst, Brot, Salat, und Kartoffeln (some of the little bit of German I remember from high school... unfortunately it has slipped a little bit). It was so good, and I love spicy mustard and bratwurst, so I was perfectly happy :)

Sundays are usually a good one :)

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